The world renowned Cambridge CELTA course at International House London has started this week. The CELTA is the perfect way for you to build the skills and knowledge to teach English to adults, whether you are a recent graduate, looking to work or travel or looking for a career change.

The CELTA can be a stressful few weeks, and it is useful to have some tips from past students. Some top tips from students include:

  • Be organised

Keeping your worksheets organised carefully in folders will help you as you will receive a huge amount of information and paperwork from the first day. It will also help you when writing assignments or preparing lesson plans later on. Also keep a copy of the timetable in a convenient place.

  • Be realistic with your time

Try to manage your time in a realistic way. On a full time course you will be teaching two or three times a week, and working on written assignments. Working out your own work schedule and sticking to it will help you meet your deadlines.

  • Be a good communicator

You will be expected to behave in a manner expected of teachers in the workplace and be approachable to others.

  • Be open

Listen to constructive advice and don’t be afraid to offer words of advice to others; as the advice given is invaluable during the course.

  • Take notes

Watch carefully during any lesson observations, making sure to write down any positive and negative observations.

  • Get to know your students

They enjoy coming to the lesson and come voluntarily. Try to build a rapport with them, and you might end up teaching them professionally one day.

  • Do the pre-course work

Complete the pre-course task and IH Grammar for Teachers course. Studying the basics of English grammar and structures in advance is really useful. You will be expected to do your own research into the language structures that you are teaching, and it helps to be one step ahead of the game.

A few quotes from recent CELTA graduates includes: “Overall I have thoroughly enjoyed the course and think the level of teaching is very high” Andrea Young, January 2016. “The course was excellent and certainly exceeded expectations – especially in the quality of delivery of course content and the professionalism of tutors. I am very glad I decided to do CELTA here” Ben Dawson, CELTA graduate.

CELTA course

CELTA was founded at International House London by John Haycraft, making International House London the perfect place to start your career in teaching. International House London provides expert teaching advice and knowledge, with some of the most experienced teachers in the industry. A number of leading course books, such as Cutting Edge and Headway were written by current or former teachers and trainers at International House London.

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The CELTA course can be taken on a full time, part time or blended basis. For further information, click here to go to our CELTA course page.

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