English for Banking and Finance (pm)

121_English for Banking and Finance (pm)

Afternoon classes in English for Banking and Finance are designed for people working in the banking and finance industries who need English to communicate in their work.

English for Banking and Finance classes outline key financial concepts in English and teach you the right language for networking and building professional relationships.

English for Banking and Finance course information

  • Entry level language - Upper-intermediate (CEF B2)
  • Minimum course entry age - 21 years

English for Banking and Finance schedule

  • 3 lessons per day
  • 13 hours 45 minutes lesson time per week
  • Classes take place Monday to Friday, 13.15 - 16.15 including breaks

English for Banking and Finance course includes:

  • Creating market analysis and reports, summarising agreements and giving presentations
  • Buying and selling on telephone, handling meetings, negotiations and discussions
  • Provision of effective learning strategies for the future

Course dates will be posted here shortly. For more information on this course and the next available date please contact us.