Language Analysis for Teachers - TKT:KAL - Teaching Knowledge Test

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Our Language Analysis for Teachers - TKT:KAL course looks at the exam topics of lexis, phonology, grammar and discourse, and provides a range of complete mock exams.

The TKT:KAL course includes a moderated language clinic and online tutor support and you'll be given resources to help continue your development after the course.

Course details

  • Minimum English level: B2 upper intermediate
  • Minimum age: 21
  • Start dates: every Monday (except bank holidays)
  • Course length: 10 weeks
  • Study time a week : 6 hours
  • Cost: £290 (10 weeks)

Who is the course for?

This course is ideal for teachers who want to improve their understanding of the English language system for general teaching, and to develop their confidence in their subject. It can also prepare you to take a qualification accredited by Cambridge (TKT:KAL), if you choose.

Course objectives

By the end of the course you will:

  • be more confident in dealing with lexis, grammar, phonology and discourse in the classroom
  • have a stronger awareness of learners’ language needs and a greater ability to respond in the classroom
  • be prepared for the Cambridge TKT:KAL examination
  • be better prepared for future teaching qualifications such as Delta, an MA in ELT or Applied Linguistics

Course content

The course looks at the language systems of English: lexis, grammar, phonology and discourse. You can choose to focus on areas you are interested in, and can study and review at your own pace. Online tutor support is provided, along with a language clinic moderated by your online course tutor.

As part of the course you will be given resources to help you continue your development.

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Language Analysis for Teachers - TKT:KAL - Teaching Knowledge Test

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