Writing Professional Materials

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Sarah Cunningham

Sarah Cunningham

  • Course length: 1 week
  • Dates: 30 July-3 August
  • Times: 09:00-13:00
  • English level required: C1 recommended
  • Fees: £650

Course outline

This course will help you with practical and pedagogic considerations in creating materials that can be shared with other teachers or a wider audience. The input, discussions and tasks will give you practice in how to create materials that engage and challenge the learner and instructions that are clear to a teacher. Feedback will be offered on a task that will be set during the course.

The provisional timetable includes the following areas.

Day 1
  • Scope of the course and general issues in materials writing
    • Who are we writing for? (for own classes; other teachers in own institution/local area etc; self-publishing;  for a publisher)
    • What are characteristics of good/bad materials?
  • Introduction of some of the main practical concerns for materials writers
    • Making materials relevant to learners needs and culturally appropriate
    • Making material engaging (selection, visuals, realia etc)
    • Writing good questions
  • Useful resources (free photo libraries; good sources of texts etc) 
Day 2
  • Writing reading and listening materials
    • Selection and sources of texts, researching and writing your own texts from authentic sources
    • Language work coming out of texts
    • Considerations for digital materials
  • Writing vocabulary materials
    • Principles for vocabulary selection
    • Types of activities and their pros and cons in different contexts
    • Considerations when writing online/self-access vocabulary material
Day 3
  • Writing Grammar materials
    • Considerations in choosing presentation materials
    • Writing grammar boxes and grammar summaries
    • Writing workbook type exercises
    • Considerations for digital materials
  • Writing worksheets and games
Day 4
  • Writing speaking activities
  • Writing writing activities
    • Setting activities up to succeed
    • Staging and rubrics
    • Teacher’s notes
Day 5
  • Presentations from course participants / general discussion about writing for different audiences
  • What to expect if you work with a publisher
  • Self-publishing

Trainer biography

Sarah has worked for over thirty years in ELT and is the author of over 25 books, including the best-selling Cutting Edge series. She has also worked as a teacher, director of studies and teacher trainer in the UK, Greece, Spain, Hungary and Argentina.


Cunningham, S (2016). How to Write Speaking Activities. ELT Teacher 2 Writer.

Cunningham, S. and Moor, P. Cutting Edge (1998) and New Cutting Edge (2005) text book series. Longman and Cutting Edge Third edition, Pearson.

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Writing Professional Materials

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