01 May 2014

Winner of IH London’s CPD prize draw at IATEFL

The IH London stand at this year’s IATEFL conference in Harrogate provide was a great spot to meet new friends and bump into old ones.

Our prize draw for £2,500 worth of CPD course credit was also popular with those attending the annual ELT conference.

We now have the pleasure of revealing the winner form the thousands of entries.

And the winner of £2,500 CPD course credit is…

Sandra Vida














Sandra Vida, Vice President of IATEFL Solvenia and secondary school teacher.

Sandra was a founding member of IATEFL Solvenia and president from 2006 – 2010, she also has her own website, lessons with music, which explores the use of music in the teaching of teenage students

Building IATEFL Slovenia

When told that she had won the draw, an exuberant Sandra told that when she took over the presidency of IATEFL Solvenia it was “in a sorry state, with no money and only a handful of active members.”

She describes the early days of her presidency of the organisation as a real learning curve, “I had no experiences, no contacts and had to figure out what I was doing on the go. I organised the conference as best I could, perhaps not the most successful one, but in the given circumstances it was good enough.”

Following this first conference in 2006, and with the coming together of a hardworking, enthusiastic team, the association began to grow and flourish. “I was lucky to have such a great team around me, first Jasna Džambić then Lea Sobočan and Alenka Tratnik. With their help the association tripled in number. This year over 200 people came to the conference – a great success for a country of 2 million people and a marked difference from the handful of people at the 2006 conference!”

Sandra intends to share the prize with her colleagues, hardworking IATEFL Slovenia volunteers Lea Sobočan and Jasna Džambić, and current IATEFL Slovenia president Alenka Tratnik. Initially the whole team wanted to do the IH London Life in Britain summer course, but pre-existing commitments prevent them from taking the course this year so they are now looking at the range of CPD courses on offer at our Covent Garden training centre.

“The whole team really deserve this prize and I’m so pleased to be able to share it with them.” Sandra intends to eventually stand down as vice president of IATEFL Slovenia to allow a new person “pick up from where we are and take it even further.”

All at IH London would like to extend our congratulations to Sandra and her team and we look forward to welcoming this inspiring group to our language school and training centre in London.

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