16 Mar 2015

IH London cake sale raises £1,000 for Comic Relief

Our annual charity “bring-and-buy” cake sale continues to grow in popularity with staff and students at IH London, this year we exceeded expectations in both deliciousness and fund raising.

Comic Relief 2015

Staff and students at our central London language school and teacher training centre were invited to bake (or buy) cakes to be sold on Red Nose Day, Friday 13 March, raising money for charities supported by Comic Relief.

The response to the request for cake was overwhelming, the table used to display the baking talents of IH London was soon heaving under the weight of sheer deliciousness.

Chris Milnes, teacher, cake expert and chief-organiser of the cake sale said: “The response from teachers, admin staff and students has been fantastic. People have been baking late into the night to make this wonderful array cakes, pastries and tarts”.

Once the cakes went on sale they rapidly disappeared as word spread around the school about the quality of the fayre on offer. Chocolate cakes proved a popular choice for many cake fans, but fruity cupcakes and oaty flapjacks weren’t far behind in popularity.

Munching his way through the flaky pastry of a traditional Eccles cake, IH London’s CEO Steve Brent said: “I love cakes and I love to see people embrace the opportunity to raise money for the good causes supported by Comic Relief”.

Moving on to a Bakewell tart he continued: “All of the charity work carried out by IH London as an organisation or individually by those that work or study here is important to us, it’s part of the ethos of the school”.

Rounding off his cake selection with a generous slice of chocolate fudge cake, Steve went on to make a pledge on behalf of the IH London Trustees: “The board of trustees has agreed to donate the same amount raised by the cake sale and we’d like to ensure that this annual event continues to be a part of all our charitable activities”.

At the end of a busy day of making, selling and eating cake Chris Milnes announced that the cake sale itself had made a total of £480 and Steve Brent was happy to confirm that a donation from the IH London Trustees would bring the total to be donated to Comic Relief to £1000.

The money raised will be donated to organisations and projects that tackle the root causes of poverty and social injustice in the UK and across the world via the Comic Relief charity.

Other charitable initiatives at IH London

IH London is very proud of its Educational Trust status, we’re not accountable to shareholders or driven by profits, any profits, or surplus, we make go towards promoting better education for all in our field.

We work to promote and raise money for charitable causes that our students and staff care about.

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