Learn Arabic at IH London

Learn Arabic at IH London

Whatever your reason for studying Arabic and whatever your current language ability, IH London has the right Arabic course to help you reach your language learning objectives. 

Group Arabic classes run at scheduled times over 6 weeks on evenings or Saturdays. Classes are small with an average of 10 students. There are 5 levels, from beginner to advance, split into modules to ensure students learn in classes that suit their ability. Test your Arabic level to see which course to choose.

One-to-one Arabic lessons are for Arabic learners that require individual tutoring. Private lessons focus on your individual learning needs and can be scheduled around your commitments.

In-company Arabic training programmes are delivered in your company offices and built to the specific needs of your business. 

Native level Arabic speaking teachers

All our teachers are native level Arabic speakers. They speak Arabic in class as much as possible to immerse you in the language and use emphasis, repetition, imagery and other techniques to make sure you understand.

Lessons are interactive and lively. Spoken communication is encouraged with games, simulations and role play, supported by systematic work on grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. Emphasis is placed on reading and writing the Modern Standard Arabic script.

Modern Standard Arabic

We teach Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) script and dialect. MSA is widely understood across the Arabic speaking world and used in the Media, modern literature and politics. Lessons in Classical Arabic and a variety of Arabic dialects are available on request in one-to-one and in-company course formats.

Learning the Arabic alphabet is a large part of studying Arabic and beginners should be prepared to spend time with an ornate script that differs from the Roman script of European languages in a number of ways.

Choose an Arabic class

Evening - level 3 - lower intermediate

Evening - level 4 - intermediate

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