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Our café

The café on the ground floor of IH London sells a wide range of delicious food, snacks and beverages, from breakfast until the evening. All food is prepared fresh each day using high quality ingredients.

The café is also a collaborative space where students can gather together and socialise, study or practise their language skills before or after their classes.

The café menu includes:

Espresso, Americano, long black, macchiato, flat white, cappuccino, latte, iced coffee, hot chocolate, mocha, as well as hot and cold teas.

A range of light breakfast items are available for sale each morning, including granola, toast and fruit.

Cakes, brownies, cookies and fruit.

Delicious fresh gourmet sandwiches available daily.

A range of salads is freshly prepared in the café kitchen each day. Choose from fish, chicken or vegetarian.

All meat is halal.


Monday–Thursday: 07.30–18.45

Friday–Saturday: 08:00–16:00

The centre is open: 08.00-19.30 (Monday to Thursday) and 08.00-17.00 (Friday).

Support staff are available in the Self Access Learning Centre: 10.30-13.30 (Monday to Friday) and 17.00-18.30 (Monday to Thursday).

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