Summer English Courses for Young Learners

Our Young Learner Summer Centres in Oxford, Ellesmere and London combine high level English Language teaching with the chance for students to take part in activities and excursions across the UK.

Our summer centres take place in three locations. International House Oxford offers a city experience in a historical and picturesque location, International House Ellesmere provides a countryside setting which offer students real English charm and International House London provides students the opportunity to make the most of the non-stop action that the capital city has to offer.

All programmes emphasise the importance of learning through culture, physical activity and fun. All aspects of the summer programme are adapted to suit the age and English level of the students

There are various programmes to choose from:

  • Discover (12-17 years in Oxford in spring) (8-11 years in Ellesmere in summer)
  • Active (12-17 years in Oxford or Ellesmere in summer)
  • Plus  (12-17 years in Oxford or Ellesmere in summer)
  • Explorer (12-17 years in London in summer)

English language learning

At all of our Young Learner Centres students are encouraged to speak English at all times, using the language in social situations to improve their learning ability.

English classes are fast-paced and interactive and students are encouraged to practise their new language skills during sports, cultural and social activities. 


Discover English 

Our Discover English course offers engaging and stimulating English lessons in the morning with set sporting or cultural activities in the afternoon.

A variety of activities are available and students are encouraged to use English as much as possible. Activities include football, glass painting, basketball, jewellery making, swimming, yoga, badminton, dance, cricket and shopping.

There are also weekly trips to local sites of interest. From Oxford students can visit London and Bath and from Ellesmere students can visit Manchester and Liverpool. 

Find out more about Discover English in IH Oxford (spring) 

Find out more about Discover English in IH Ellesmere (summer)

English Active

English Active allows students to choose six hours a week of professional coaching in one of the following activities: football, golf, tennis, basketball, drama, photography or dance. Activities can be chosen for one or more weeks.

Find out more about English Active in IH Oxford (summer)

Find out more about English Active in IH Ellesmere (summer)

English Plus

English Plus Young Learners course offers a mix of engaging and stimulating English lessons in the morning with further English practice lessons in the afternoon.

English Plus is available for 12-17 year old students at IH Oxford and IH Ellesmere.

Find out more about English Plus in IH Oxford (summer)

Find out more about English Plus in IH Ellesmere (summer)

English Explorer 

This programme focusses on the cultural heritage of one of the most famous cities in the world. Engaging and communicative classes in the morning, marry with related cultural visits in the afternoon. With a Tube (metro) pass, we can show students the best that the city has to offer.

English Explorer is available for 12-17 year olds at our London Westminster centre..

 Find out more about English Explorer in IH London (summer)

Young Learner locations

IH Ellesmere

International House Ellesmere is located one hour from the cities of Manchester and Liverpool, Ellesmere is in the beautiful county of Shropshire. The area is known for its beautiful countryside and endearing and quaint English charm. International House Ellesmere takes place at Ellesmere College a co-educational boarding school founded in 1879.

IH London

Our Young Learners programme is available in London from 2017, based at the University of Westminster’s modern Marylebone campus; students will enjoy English classes in the morning and afternoon excursions making the most of the exciting capital city. The campus is based just opposite Baker Street Station; it offers excellent transport links around London.

IH Oxford

International House Oxford is situated an hour from London, Oxford is a small, safe and beautiful city full of culture and history. The city is also close to Bath and Stratford-upon-Avon. The summer programme is based at St Edward's, one of England's most prestigious boarding schools, founded in 1863.

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IH Oxford had excellent teachers and classes but I loved the activities and excursions. I was there for an amazing two weeks and was so sad to leave.