Charlotte Thompson

Director of Teacher Training

Charlotte Thompson has been teaching for 27 years. She ensures all our teacher trainers are at the forefront of their profession. Charlotte trained in the UK and spent the first ten years of her career in Japan. She has taught all ages from kindergarten to adults, and worked in different contexts from schools to companies. She became a teacher trainer for CELTA and Delta and has been working for IH London for 15 years.

Charlotte says: “The move from being a new teacher to being an experienced and skilled teacher requires more than time. Teachers have to keep learning!”

Jessica Andrews

Assistant Director of Training

Jessica Andrews completed her CELTA course at IH London in 2006 and fell in love with teaching English. She has been teaching and training for 12 years. Jessica is CELTA and Delta qualified and is a certified Cambridge CELTA assessor. She helped establish the first part-time CELTA course at Cultura Inglesa Recife in Brazil. She trained teachers in Peru, Brazil and China. While at IH London, Jessica delivered a variety of tailor-made specialised training courses for teachers from the Basque country and Brazil. She loves helping people on their journey to becoming better teachers.

Jessica says: “The trainers make IH the best place for teacher training. They like to be challenged and creative and love a good chat about teaching”.

Adrian Underhill

ELT Consultant and Trainer

Adrian is a world-renowned ELT Consultant and Trainer. Adrian is an author and the series editor of the MacMillan Books for Teachers. He is well known for his book Sound Foundations and his inspiring talks on how to understand the phonemic chart. His pronunciation chart was developed into an app for students and teachers and won an industry award. Adrian takes a holistic approach to teaching and teacher training and is a frequent conference speaker.

Paulette Milego

Distance Delta Programme Manager

Paulette Milego first trained as a teacher in 1984 at IH London. 10 years later Paulette was training up new teachers in the same classroom! Paulette has taught and trained in Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Kenya and Russia. She is now based at IH London, but still works with teachers all over the world through our distance training programme. Paulette works directly with Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge, on their Delta qualifications for Modules 1, 2 and 3.

Paulette says: “I love helping fellow professionals get real joy from working and developing in the field. We hope they will go away keen to try out what they have learnt and to keep challenging themselves and reflecting on their development”.

Maureen McGarvey

Programme Manager E-Learning

Maureen McGarvey has over 40 years’ experience and she is focused on online training for teachers and academic managers. Maureen qualified as a teacher in 1974, and has been with International House ever since. She has worked as a Director of Studies for Teacher Training in Spain and Hungary, and she is a trainer for specialist teacher training courses.

The original author of the Diploma in Academic Management, Maureen went on to create online management training programmes in 2004. Maureen is a frequent conference speaker at international conferences, speaking about eLearning, academic management and staff development. She is also the Chair of the IATEFL Scholarship Committee.

Maureen says: “We create and offer courses which are not offered by other online providers. IH London is a vibrant, creative training organisation, and this comes across in all the types of training we deliver”.

Jamie Simpson

Head of Young Learners

Jamie Simpson, Head of Young Learners, ensures every child, at every one of our young learner schools, has the best experience. He has over 14 years’ experience at some of the best language schools and he joined IH London in November 2017.

Jamie says: “International House London is hugely respected across the industry and I am very happy to be a part of that and to develop the young learner schools even further, backed by great expertise and special care for under 18s.”

Stephen Buswell

Young Learner Programme Manager

Stephen designs the learning that takes place outside of classroom lessons, including the afternoon activities and the excursions. He ensures the best programme is delivered across every young learner school.

He has over seven years’ experience working with and teaching young learners. He decided to work for IH London because of the great reputation it has among his teacher friends, with many working for IH for over 10 years.

Stephen says, “I think what stands IH apart from other schools is the quality of the staff on the courses. For example, we don’t just have activity leaders: we have professional coaches running our activities.”

Lara Panzini

Head of the Professional Language Centre

Lara has taught and trained teachers in the UK and Italy since 1992. She has extensive experience in the private sector and began her career as a special needs teacher in the Italian state education system, and holds the RSA DTEFLA.

Lara works on course design, materials provision, and teaching methodology. She mentors IH London trainers to make sure that they are fully supported and able to both meet and exceed client needs and expectations.

Most recently she has been focusing on research in the work place and looked at “Star rating for language teachers” and “An exploration of the effectiveness of the professional development scheme at a London language school”.

Jan Madakbas

Teacher Trainer

Jan is a Delta and CELTA trainer as well as a coordinator on online Distance Delta Programmes. He has been a Cambridge and Trinity Examiner as well as a Director of Studies. He started teaching in 1993 and has worked in Russia, Turkey, London and numerous other locations for short periods of time.

Jan was part of an IH London team which ran the first Cambridge CELTA course in Saudi Arabia. In addition to this Jan is a materials writer, a Delta marker and assessor and an inspector for the accreditation body EAQUALS.

Melanie Bryant

Teacher and Teacher Trainer

Melanie Bryant has been a teacher and trainer at IH London since 1991. She specialises in Professional English and is a Business English CertIBET trainer. Her wide-ranging experience includes delivering tailor-made business and specialist group and one-to-one courses. She is also a materials writer. Before coming to London she worked in Berlin. She holds an MA (Hons) and the RSA/UCLES Dip TEFLA.

Fiona Johnston

Teacher (General English)

Fiona studied Modern Languages at Oxford, and after a career in the equity markets she made a successful transition to teaching English in 2002. She has worked in Cambodia and Thailand, and speaks French and German. Her qualifications are: BA (Hons), Cambridge DELTA. Fiona has a Masters (MA) in Film Studies from UCL.