Charlotte Thompson

Director of Teacher Training

Charlotte has been teaching for 28 years. She ensures all our teacher trainers are at the forefront of their profession. Charlotte trained in the UK and spent the first ten years of her career in Japan. She has taught all ages from kindergarten to adults, and worked in different contexts from schools to companies. She became a teacher trainer for CELTA and Delta and has been working for IH London for 15 years. Charlotte says: “The move from being a new teacher to being an experienced and skilled teacher requires more than time. Teachers have to keep learning!”

Adrian Underhill

Expert Series Trainer and Trustee at IH London

Adrian is a world-renowned ELT Consultant and Trainer. Adrian is an author and the series editor of the MacMillan Books for Teachers. He is well known for his book Sound Foundations and his inspiring talks on how to understand the phonemic chart. His pronunciation chart was developed into an app for students and teachers and won an industry award. Adrian takes a holistic approach to teaching and teacher training and is a frequent conference speaker.

Paulette Milego

Distance Delta Programme Manager

Paulette first trained as a teacher in 1984 at IH London. 10 years later Paulette was training up new teachers in the same classroom. Paulette has taught and trained in Turkey, Spain, Brazil, Kenya and Russia. She is now based at IH London, but still works with teachers all over the world through our distance training programme. Paulette works directly with Cambridge English, part of the University of Cambridge, on their Delta qualifications for Modules 1, 2 and 3.

Jan Madakbas

CELTA and Delta Trainer

Jan has been at IH London since 2001 and before that worked in Moscow and Istanbul as a teacher and Director of Studies. He is a CELTA and Delta trainer and runs Academic Management Courses. He is a coordinator for the online Distance Delta Programme and a school inspector for EAQUALS. He has been involved in designing and writing online materials for IH London and overseas clients. He is a Cambridge ESOL marker for DELTA Module 3.

Kathy Hill

CELTA Trainer

Kathy has been teaching English since 1996 across all levels and special focus classes, including Business English and a University Foundation Programme. She has taught English in companies in Spain and Chile, and she has taught young learners in Argentina. Kathy has been training teachers for over 10 years, including CELTA and bespoke courses for qualified teachers. She is particularly focused on learner motivation and writing skills. She speaks at international teaching conferences.

Ri Willoughby

Teacher Portal Manager

Ri has been teaching English since 2000, across all levels, and she also teaches Business English and exam preparation classes. Ri has a specific interest in conversation and pronunciation. Ri taught young learners aged 6 and above in Spain for two years. Ri has been a teacher trainer since 2005 and teaches bespoke courses to teachers, including specialist subjects such as CLIL and teaching one-to-one. She is also a CELTA and Delta trainer and works on our partner courses at King’s College London.

Danny Norrington-Davies

CELTA and Delta Trainer

Danny started teaching English over 16 years ago in Botswana and gained his CELTA in the UK in 1995. He worked with Japanese volunteers in Malawi before returning to London to complete his Delta. He has taught in Argentina, South Africa and Thailand. Danny has been with IH London since 2007. He is a CELTA and Delta trainer and works on programmes at King’s College London. He is the author of a teaching methodology book, From Rules to Reasons, which was short listed for an ELTON award. He works on our partner courses at King’s College London.

Melissa Lamb

Teacher Development Manager

Melissa started her teaching career in China in 1998. She completed her CELTA and worked as the Director of Studies for IH Shanghai and later for the British Council in Beijing. She gained her Delta at IH London. Melissa now trains on both Celta and DELTA courses and has delivered teacher training in Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago. Melissa is a frequent conference presenter.

Cathy Ellis

CELTA and Delta Trainer

Cathy has been a teacher trainer for over 30 years and has taught and trained in Spain, Poland, Brazil, the Republic of Georgia, the UK and Canada. Cathy is a trainer for CELTA and Delta and is an assessor for both courses. She also works for Cambridge Assessment as a Delta Module 1 exam marker, and a moderator and assessor for Delta Module 2.

Duncan Mackenzie

CELTA and Delta Trainer

Duncan has been a regular trainer with IH London and joined us permanently in 2006. He has been a teacher trainer in Prague, Spain and Argentina. As well as CELTA and Delta, he is a tutor on Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT), CLIL and Training the Trainer courses. He also works for Cambridge ESOL as a Delta Module 1 exam marker.

Jonathan Spalton

CELTA Trainer

Jonathan has been teaching English since 2005 across the full range of learner levels, including specialist classes and exam preparation. He also has two years’ experience teaching young learners aged 6-15 in Japan. Jonathan passed his Delta in 2011 and has been training teachers since 2012, including CELTA training and bespoke courses for qualified teachers. He delivered a bespoke course for 120 secondary teachers in Nepal in 2016. He worked with teachers from Senegal in 2019 on a teacher training project and supported teachers in local schools.

Marcus Rivero Eden

Teacher Training Administrator

Marcus has been working in the EFL industry since he obtained his CELTA certificate in 2011. After some years teaching in various locations, he moved into administration. As an administrator, Marcus has helped students from all over the world to plan courses and experiences in the UK.

Nick Hamilton

CELTA and Delta trainer

Nick Hamilton has been working as a teacher and teacher trainer for CELTA and Delta at IH London since 1989; he also teaches Business English and runs the Cert IBET course. He has taught and trained teachers in Germany, Turkey, Poland, Lithuania, and China. He is interested in the integration of task-based and lexical approaches to encourage learners to use language in ways that are meaningful for them, and to enable the language they really need to emerge and be worked on.   

Richard Chinn

CELTA and Delta trainer

Richard Chinn is a CELTA and Delta trainer at IH London and works on UK and overseas teacher development projects.  He is also a teaching associate at King’s College London, where he works on MA and BA courses. His main professional interests are in classroom interaction, teacher education and teacher development. He is co-author of the forthcoming book ‘Working with Emergent Language: Ideas and activities for developing your reactive skills in class’.    

Kezzie Moynihan

CELTA and Delta trainer

Kezzie Moynihan has been an English language teacher since 2010. She has worked in Japan and South Africa, and started working at IH London after completing her DELTA in 2015. She is a CELTA trainer and has recently completed her MA in Applied Linguistics at Kings. Her main professional interests are how teachers work with language, both unplanned and emergent, in the classroom and the use of reflective practice. Kezzie’s teaching specialism is EAP and exams preparation.  

Yiota Giaouri

CELTA and Delta trainer

Yiota studied English Language and Literature in Greece and she has been teaching adults and YL face2face and online since 2003. She has been delivering teacher training courses, such as CELTA and YL courses for qualified teachers.  She has written materials and designed courses for YL in China and the UK.  She specialises in Project Based Learning and she has taken part in conferences. She has her own website/blog for English language teaching, and she loves sharing and exchanging ideas with colleagues from all around the world.

Garth Cadden

CELTA and Delta trainer

Garth Cadden has been an English teacher for 27 years and a teacher trainer for 24 years.  He has taught English in the UK, Greece, Poland and Spain and he now works as a teacher and teacher trainer at International House, London. As a teacher, Garth has taught all levels of General English as well as preparing students for the main Cambridge English exams. As a teacher trainer, he has worked as a tutor for both the Trinity Certificate TESOL, CELTA, DELTA and Trinity Diploma courses. In addition, he has run workshops and in-service training courses for English language teachers in Brazil and Cuba.

Rick Ansell

CELTA and Delta trainer

Rick has been teaching for almost 40 years and training teachers for 30.  He has worked for International House on and off since 1989 and has also worked in Spain, Italy, Turkey, Brazil, Kenya and Japan.  In addition to working on CELTA and Distance DELTA Courses he has worked on specialised Courses for Korean, Colombian and Congolese state Secondary teachers and has worked to train new Teacher Trainers for CELTA Courses.  When he’s not in the classroom Rick spends his time fell running and mountaineering.

Michael Turner

CELTA and Delta trainer

Michael spent 4 very happy years working for International House in Poland before joining IH London in 2008, where he has worked as a Language Teacher and Teacher Trainer on CELTA / Delta courses. He has also worked as an IELTS examiner, OET trainer and designer of several bespoke specialist training courses for our diverse and always inspiring range of international clients. In addition to Poland and the UK, he has taught and trained in Brazil, China, Africa and Peru.

Annie Thomson

CELTA and Delta trainer

Annie started teaching English in 1999 in Ecuador and has taught in Venezuela, Mexico and Portugal. She has been working at International House, London since 2006, teaching a range of courses and levels, including IELTS and she worked as an IELTS examiner for a number of years. She is also a CELTA and Delta trainer and a Delta Module 3 examiner. She enjoys creating online training courses in Moodle and other platforms and was a co-writer of the Cambridge Online CELTA course.

Clare Webster

Assistant Director of Training

Clare started teaching in 1999, where she started teaching Business English and 1-1s in Paris. She went on to teach in Spain, Germany and The Netherlands in various contexts including on young learners and CLIL programmes.  She has worked at International House, London since 2007 and has taught a range of courses and levels. She has worked in Academic Management support roles and as a Cambridge main suite and IELTS examiner. As a Teacher-Trainer, she has worked with teachers in Peru, and more recently has worked on full-time Delta courses and online/ part-time CELTA courses.