Located in a large village in the Daventry district of the county of Northamptonshire in England, is the sweet and beautiful village of Moulton with a population of approximately 3,454. Northamptonshire is renowned for its strong links with nobility and many beautiful historical stately homes and gardens to visit.

Althorp House in Northamptonshire has been the stately home to the Spencer family for almost 500 years and is the final resting place of Princess Diana. In this petit yet scenic English village, you can take a breath of fresh air and be one-hour away from London and Cambridge.

Available for the ages of 12-17, our Young Learner Courses at Moulton will improve your English level significantly, whilst experience the beautiful surroundings of the English countryside.

From 1st July to 12 August 2020, you can choose to stay in Moulton between 1 and 6 weeks. 

Courses Available

Active English

Students learn and practise their English and at the same time they develop their team- working and problem-solving skills. English language teachers deliver 15 hours of lessons a week, and professional coaches instruct six hours per week of the chosen activity. There is a great range of activities to choose from for each centre. Excursions are also a big part of the course, with one full-day and one half-day trip to places of interest in the UK included every week.

English Plus  

Unlike our other Young Learner English programmes, this course has English language lessons in the morning and in the afternoon, equating to 21 hours of tuition per week. Students take the LanguageCert Speaking Exam at the end of the course to gain the qualification. English Plus classes are lively, interactive and fun. Activities and study trips are still a big part of the course too. Aimed at practising English throughout, this course proves that it is possible to work hard and still have fun!

Animal Care 

Students follow a daily programme of English language lessons in the morning, with the afternoons spent learning and meeting all kinds of exciting animals. The animal welfare team at Moulton College will lead students through some interactive learning sessions with fish, snakes, turtles, small monkeys, rabbits, meerkats, birds and many more animals. All students receive 15 hours a week of English tuition and all activities outside the classroom are in English too. Study trips are also included. Explore new topic themes every week. 


So there you have it, beautiful surrounding and a diverse range of courses, all of which offer more than just learning English. If you would like to book or to find out more about studying in Moulton this year, please click here.

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