About the Executive Centre Learn Business English, progress your career and grow your network.

The Executive Centre is on the 5th floor of our school in Covent Garden. It’s a luxurious space reserved exclusively for our professional clients and 30+ students to take their course, study, network and unwind.


  • Sky Lounge with panoramic views over the London skyline, including the London Eye.
  • Small kitchenette where you can make and enjoy complementary coffee, tea and refreshments.
  • Intimate classrooms with interactive whiteboards for one-to-one learning.
  • Quiet break-out areas for you to work, study or read the complementary newspapers.

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  • Needs Analysis Form: Before doing a Business English or private one-to-one course, students are sent a Needs Analysis asking about your requirements, goals and availability. The course will then be catered to your needs.
  • Personal Development: All clients receive a personal assessment, regular progress checks and language coaching throughout their course in order to help them achieve their linguistic goals.
  • Certification: All clients receive a certificate and can add the course to their CV to boost their employability.
  • Networking: regular networking events are organised throughout the year, such as our weekly Cheese & Wine social event every Friday lunchtime, where you can connect with other clients and trainers from a vast array of industries.
  • Executive Social Programme: explore the city with our dedicated Executive Centre Social Programme by joining weekly walking tours in different neighbourhoods across London.
  • Progress Report: students get sent an end-of-course report with a CEFR level assessment (available on request).
  • Executive Online Resource Centre: get access to 3 months of FREE online access to learning materials and resources on the Executive Online Resource Centre.

Our Executive teachers have the industry knowledge and experience to tailor lessons to student requirements and learning objectives. Each teacher is assigned to a student based on their background and expertise.

Our trainers have many years of professional experience including contacts throughout the legal, financial and commercial world, experience working with top management, gaining an MBA and other business qualifications, knowledge of many world languages, experience living across the world and many have run their own businesses.

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