International House Global Reach Scholarship

The following text is taken from the IATEFL website. For submission date information, and information about how to apply, please refer to the IATEFL website.

For people resident and native of distant countries, who are practising teachers, the aim of this scholarship is to enable teachers living beyond the 'cheap flights' area of the world to attend the IATEFL Annual Conference in the UK, for the first time.

The award consists of:

  • registration for the Pre-Conference Event of the winners' choice
  • registration for the IATEFL Annual Conference
  • a year's IATEFL membership
  • £1,500 towards conference related expenses, including travel and visa costs

To qualify you must:

  • be a practising teacher in tertiary, primary or secondary education, state or private sector
  • live beyond the 'cheap flights' area of the world
  • have not attended an IATEFL Annual Conference before
  • agree, if you win the scholarship, to submit a report for possible publication in International House Journal on your experiences and their usefulness for your local teaching context

To be considered you must submit:

  • a 400-500 word statement to include:
    • a brief description of your working context
    • an analysis of the main challenges in your teaching context
    • a brief description of the steps you have taken to address these challenges [include here information about membership of any relevant professional associations]
    • a brief bullet pointed plan of how you would disseminate your conference learning, relative to the challenges identified, on your return from conference
  • a passport size photo (for inclusion in the conference programme and the scholarship poster if you win, please refer to the scholarship guidelines for photo requirements)