I absolutely love hosting IH students! I have met people from all over the world aged from 16years to 65 years, from every background you can imagine. I have learnt so much from them and many have become friends. We have shared recipes, trips around London and many life events together over the years and I hope to be hosting for many years to come!
Fiona Nouri
Hosting through International House’s being an amazing experience. It’s truly a cultural exchange. Our “host daughter” is an amazing person, it’s lovely to share our space and days with her. 
Caroline Scaranello
Hosting students from international house has been an important and rewarding part of our lives for the past 28 years. It’s always so interesting to learn about their cultures and way of life and keeping in contact with them for many years after their time spent with us.
Eilish Rafferty
We have been hosting International House students for over twenty years and it has been a pleasure, bringing the world into our lives and broadening the perspectives of the whole family.  Guests sense the family ethos and make themselves at home.  International House is a straight, sensible, supportive business partner.  We would recommend Homestay to any visitor as the prime means of acquiring conversational English.
Gareth Jones
My family and I have been hosting students for some time and we have found this to be quite rewarding, example we saw other countries through the eyes of our students.
Julia Udennis
Hosting IH students has proved to be a very rewarding experience. Recently we have had students aged between 21 and 57, from Japan, Korea, Poland and Turkey.
We have found IH staff to be efficient, helpful and friendly which has made everything run very smoothly.
Diane Luck
Hosting my first student has been an absolute pleasure. She is a lovely lady and very respectful of the home. We share knowledge of our cultures which is very interesting and helping her practise and improve her English is very satisfying.
Marisa Savoia
I am very happy that students in my house often feel at home and they either request to come back to my house or recommend my house to their friends or families.
I enjoy having the students around and I feel a bit lonely when they are not around!
Parvin Pope