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If your agency head office is already affiliated with International House London, please provide details below, so that we can identify you with the correct financial institution. If your head office agency is not affiliated with International House London or you are not sure, please provide these details and we will check for you.

Please provide two referees. A suitable referee would be a client or partner institution for whom you act as Agent. Preferably these will be UK based education institutions that you have already worked with.


All new agents will be invoiced for discounted courses. IH London invoices your agency the fee payment with your discount already deducted. For example, if the course costs £100 and you receive a 10 per cent agency discount, we will invoice you for £90.

If your client wants to stay longer at IH London, we will extend their programme. As the client pays the additional fees directly to us, we will pay the amount equivalent to your discount (i.e.10 per cent) at the end of the quarter. This money can be kept on your account and used to offset payment on future courses or transferred to your bank. For example, if your client is booked on a ten-week programme for £100 (£90 already paid), and we extend the programme by another ten weeks at a cost of £100, we will invoice your client £100 and pay your agency £10 (equivalent to discounted rate) at the end of the quarter.

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If you have students applying via the UKBA Tier 4 visa route (the General Student Visa) please provide the following information.

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