E-moderating: learning to train and teach online

Since launching last year, our online E-moderating training has become one of our most popular short online teacher training courses. The course is designed for CELTA Tutors who wish to become Online Course Tutors on the new Online CELTA programme - or for any ELT professionals who wish to develop their skills and awareness of how to teach online.
Ana- E-moderating

With our next course starting 6 May, we thought it was a good time to catch up with previous course participant Ana. 

In this interview Ana, who is based in Madrid, tells us about her experience and how her view of online training has changed. 

If you are interested in joining our next course visit the E-moderating course page for more information about how to apply.

 So Ana, what did you think of the E-moderating course?

I thought the course was excellent - very well set up and organised with excellent tutors.  I would genuinely recommend it.

That's fantastic. Was it hard at first to adjust to training in an all online environment?

No, I didn't find it hard being trained in an online environment. As I had some experience from working on the Orientation Courses on the Distance Delta and because I use social network sites that helped.  Plus, the course was well set up to ensure we all felt part of a community. I only realise now how vital the first week was in achieving that!

How did you manage your time during the course?

There was some very good advice in the pre-course material about electronic housekeeping which I followed, such as checking into Moodle regularly, and this certainly helped. I had some constraints on my time during the course so I tried to set aside blocks of time to dedicate to it.  I had to give up a couple of free time activities but then the course was only a month long so it was achievable.  I also found it very interesting so I was happy to do this. 

How has this course changed your opinion of delivering training online?

Before I didn't think online training could replace face-to-face training but now I see how much they can complement each other. For example, some of the input into Teaching Practice can be given online.  It could also be an excellent way of giving follow-up to teacher training but with some type of built-in assessment.

How are you planning to use your new skills?

I work for the British Council who are developing some distance courses so I will try to apply my new skills there.  However, before I'm let loose on anyone I need more practice in the Live Room!

Visit the E-moderating course page to find out more about the course and apply online now.



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