The CELTA Diary's

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Not only did Gopal Dave embark upon a CELTA course he also decided to keep a video diary of his day-to-day experience while training to teach English as a foreign language.

Follow Gopal's progress over the next 4 weeks as he works his way through the CELTA course posting regular video updates on how he's coping with the workload and getting to grips with practicalities of teaching English.  

Day 1 - 08.30

Gopal arrives at IH London on the first day of his CELTA equipped with a strong coffee and some sage advice for prospective CELTA candidates...

Day 1 - 12.45

Lunch break on day 1 of the CELTA training and Gopal reflects on the morning.

Day 1 - 16.05

First day over Gopal tells us how the day unfolded and what's in store for the trainees tomorrow.

Day 2 - 12.45

Gopal is nervous and excited about his first ever experience of teaching on the CELTA course.

Day 2 - 15.59

First teaching session over, Gopal and classmates look back on a positive experience.

Day 3 - 16.55

Gopal's first assessed teaching practice session is over and here he tells us how it went.

Day 4 - 17.05

CELTA trainee Gopal is in a philosophical mood as he reaches the end of the fourth day of his TEFL training.

Day 5 - 10.55

CELTA trainee Gopal is on his way to his first assessed teaching practice when he sees a sign in a shop window that strikes a chord...

Sunday, week 1 - 16.00

It's a sunny Sunday afternoon but after receiving the feedback from his first assessed teaching practice our CELTA trainee is hard at work preparing for week two of his TEFL course.

Day 6 - 16.05

It's week 2 for the CELTA trainees and they're preparing for more teaching practice - feeling the pressure but enjoying the challenge.

Day 10 - 15.15

It's the end of week and Gopal is on his way to his first tutorial.

Day 10, part 2 - 16.15

In Gopal's end of week 2 tutorial his strengths were highlighted - as were a few of his weaknesses- here he reflects on both as he plans his weekend to prepare for week 3.

Day 12 - 16.40

Week 3 is underway and Gopal has just been told that his latest teaching practice class wasn't up to standard.

Day 13 - 13.40

Having not made standard in his previous class Gopal was feeling the pressure to make standard today. Find out how he got on in the latest CELTA diary post.

Day 15 - 10.15

It's the final week of Gopal's CELTA and he needs to get to standard in his final teaching practice.

Day 16 - 10.15

It's the end of CELTA, the final teaching practice is done, assignments have been completed and the CELTA trainees are in the mood to celebrate.

Interested in TEFL?

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