A critical evaluation of classroom management

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Hugh Dellar challenges the orthodoxies of EFL classroom management in ten short videos shot during a teacher development session at IH London.

An English teacher and teacher trainer, Hugh Dellar has written a number of course books and delivers training and development sessions all over the world. He is currently teaching evening classes at IH London.

As with any new teacher at International House London, Hugh was observed in class by our Director of Studies, Varinder Unlu. Following a lively post-observation discussion, Varinder suggested Hugh lead a teacher development session on classroom management and teaching methodology.

The videos below are of Hugh identifying and re-evaluating ten points that came to the fore in his discussion with IH London’s DOS and from reviewing the classroom management sections of books by Jeremy Harmer and Jim Scrivener.

Suffice to say, the views expressed in these videos do not necessarily represent the views of International House London.

Ten short videos about classroom management

About Hugh Dellar Hugh Dellar at IH London

Hugh Dellar is a teacher, teacher trainer, writer, raconteur, collector of obscure music from the 1960s and 1970s (vinyl only), a lifelong supporter of the football club formally known as Woolwich Arsenal and general bon viveur.

With Andrew Walkley, Hugh is the co-founder of www.lexicallab.com, a website for their activities as writers, speakers and trainers. They have conducted plenary presentations, talks, workshops and short courses in over 40 countries in Europe, Asia, the Middle East and South America

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September 10, 2016 11:07

Great videos Hugh - thanks for sharing. Really fantastic to hear so many great opinions on common topics that come up on CELTA / CertTESOL courses.

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February 6, 2016 03:34

My children were searching for a form a few weeks ago and encountered a company that has 6 million forms . If others are searching for it too , here's http://pdf.ac/5Uvali

View all comments by carey burleigh

March 3, 2015 06:20

Lots of great comments and nice to get them in the form of videos:) Regarding nominating students, I agree with your approach. I'd add that I think it's important to remember the purpose--which is learning. If calling on someone creates a memorable learning moment, then it's great. If it's just freaks them out, then it's bad. I love it when I can call on someone and then work through something together. That student gets personalized attention and the rest of the class gets a demonstration of the process they should go through. It's win-win. But if someone really can't answer, then there's no learning, just anxiety.

View all comments by Jeremy