So what can you do before the actual day of the exam? Well, first of all listen to English speakers!

Find audio and podcasts in English

With the internet you have the chance to listen to a wide range of programmes and this is probably the best thing you can do. There are podcasts available from a range of sources that cover a wide range of topics.

Choose a few that you would like to listen to, do not just pick one at random or listen to something you don’t find interesting. Check out podcasts on your smartphone or online and get listening!

You will find a great selection of podcasts in English via the links below:

Podcasts from the BBC

Podcasts from the Guardian

British podcasts selected by Buzzfeed

Practice listening for IELTS

For the test you need to do test style listening practice and start looking closely at the instructions and questions. Before listening to the recordings you are given a few seconds to read them and it’s always good practice to underline or circle the important words in the question.

Look at this example question and see if you can identify the key words:

You will hear an interview with Margaret Smith who sailed around the world last year.

Put a tick next to the correct answer

Margaret wanted to do this trip to;

  • impress her friends
  • be the first woman to sail around the world alone
  • achieve a personal goal

If you highlight the words you are focusing more and ready to pick them out when mentioned in the recording.

A problem many candidates face is that they often get stuck on one question and don’t move on to the next question instead of leaving it. It’s important to continue and not get caught on one question. It might mean not answering a question, but remember to move on as the recording is only played once.

One last piece of advice is to make sure you write the answers correctly when transferring them across to the answer sheet. You have 10 minutes to do this and it’s important that the spelling is accurate. If you don’t know an answer make a guess, points are not deducted for incorrect answers.

So make sure you:

  • Listen to lots of recordings and podcasts in the days before the test
  • In the exam, try and keep up with the recording, don’t get stuck on one question
  • Be accurate when transferring your answers to the answer sheet

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