We are Rachel, Stella, Daniel, Hanju, Rashdan and Yoho and we are students at International House London. We would like to tell you about studying English in London and the things we like to do to improve our English.

We wrote a questionnaire with ten questions about speaking, listening, writing, reading and vocabulary. We met with another class and asked them our questions.

The questions we asked English learners:

  1. How do you improve your reading in class?
  2. How often do you read a newspaper or novel?
  3. What kind of reading do you prefer for learning English?
  4. How do you improve your speaking in class?
  5. What do you do to practice speaking when you are not in class?
  6. How do you improve your listening in class?
  7. What kind of music do you listen to for learning English?
  8. How often do you watch TV or films using subtitles in English?
  9. How do you improve your writing in class?
  10. Is messaging with your friends in English a good way to improve writing and what else do you do?
  11. How do you memorise new vocabulary?
  12. What kinds of ways do you learn new vocabulary when you are not in class?

The findings from our learning English report


  • Some of the students said that they can read basic English books or free newspapers and the teacher also gives some texts. If you don’t understand, you can ask the teacher or talk with classmates.
  • One of the students said that they watch TV or films with English subtitles and if you don’t understand what the actor is saying then you can guess from the action.
  • One student said that reading comic books is good to get to know informal English and you have the pictures to help you.


  • All of the students said that using English to write emails or messages to share what has happened with friends is a good way to improve writing.
  • Some students said that they try to listen to what the teacher is saying and write it down and then check with the teacher.


  • One of the students said that they think hip-hop is easy for learning English because it is easy to understand.
  • Lots of students said they think that watching a film or drama without subtitles or with subtitles in English is very useful.
  • One student said that they listen to Adele’s songs because they are easy to remember.


  • A student said that speaking a lot and chatting to classmates and friends is the best way to improve speaking skills.
  • The student who said they listen to the textbook CD or recordings from the radio, follows it and repeats it back again and this is a useful way of practicing on their own.


  • A student said that they will write down the meaning on a piece of paper and review it every day.
  • Lots of students think that writing and speaking and repeating this activity can help you to memorise new vocabulary.
  • One student said that when you learn some new words, write them down as memos and stick them on the mirror and you can memorise them when you are brushing your teeth.

About the authors

Stella from Taiwan is a university student studying information management. She is here at IH London for one month.

Yoho from Taiwan lived in Japan for 7 years before coming to London. She can speak Chinese, Taiwanese and Japanese. She wants to go to America to do a Masters, so she is studying English at IH London.

Hanju comes from Taiwan is a university student studying Chinese literature. She is studying English at IH London for one month.

Rashdanis from Saudi Arabia works in a private company as an accountant. He has two children.

Rachel comes from Taiwan lives in Taipei, she wanted to learn English, so she came to London to study the language.

Danielis from Taiwan always makes people laugh and everyone likes him!

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