Linguistic landscapes

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Damian Williams talks to IH London teachers about how his Linguistic Landscapes photography project began, where it led him and related activities for the classroom.

Linguistic Landscapes is the study of written language that looks at how languages interact in the urban environment, it might be shop signs, leaflets, official signs, graffiti or pretty much anything else.  

As an English language teacher Damian believes this project also offers an opportunity for learners to use an authentic, free and democratic resource to improve their English.

He explains how in this video of a recent talk he gave at IH London.

 This video is part of series featuring well known figures from the world of ELT talking at IH London's teacher development sessions

About Damian Williams Damian Williams

Damian has worked in ELT for almost twenty years, in countries including UK, Russia, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Argentina and Brazil.

He writes coursebooks and books for teachers, training teachers, and assesses training courses around South America.

He works on the Map of the Urban Linguistic Landscape (MULL) project with Stephen Greene, you can find out more about the project and participate in the community via:

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