Pace and challenge in the EFL classroom

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David Riddell's teacher training session for newly qualified EFL teachers looks at the challenges of ensuring students are engaged and able to keep up with the lesson.

Even experienced teachers sometimes struggle with the needs of students who may struggle with some areas of language learning while keeping others in the classroom actively involved.

In this video, David Riddell discusses pacing a lesson with the aid of exercises and ideas for good classroom management.

Pace and challenge in the EFL classroom

About David Riddell

David Riddell qualified as an EFL teacher in 1984 and became an approved teacher in 1987. He is currently teaching students of English and training new teachers at IH London. Since 1994 he has been a Senior Assessor.

He has published many books on how to teach English as a foreign language, many of which are available via Amazon Books

TEFL training and CPD

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September 10, 2016 11:13

Thanks for sharing this David - I like this idea about striking a balance between stress and challenge and building engagement throughout the class.

I liked what you said about monitoring - so often teachers get so involved in taking with students when they're monitoring that they don't know when the right time to end an activity is.

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Tim Henderson

Tim Henderson

August 26, 2016 11:25

Hi David, thanks for putting a really useful session up. (also made me incredibly nostalgic for IHLondon). I don't suppose it's possible to upload the handouts for people to look at too.
Warm regards
Tim Henderson

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January 12, 2016 12:01

Firstly, I think the video is easy to understand so it can be a good way to practice English.
On the other hand, the three teachers have given very good answers but at the moment, I've only met one of them, Will Giller. I think is a really good teacher with fantastic methods of teaching English like David. I encourage him to continue to carry it out and if he thinks it's necessary, improving it.

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