IH London's David Riddell publishes his latest book, Succeed in TEFL

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'Succeed in TEFL' - A must read for all EFL teachers! With 32 years of professional experience in Teacher Training and Academic Management, David has produced the ultimate guide for developing your career as an English teacher.

His new book 'Succeed in TEFL – Continuing Professional Development’, is now available to buy online on Amazon.

Succeed in TEFL is packed with information on how to develop within the profession including chapters on:

  • getting the most out of observations
  • teaching exam classes
  • becoming a trainer 
  • doing action research
  • using online resources
  • becoming a manager
  • and much more!

This is an indispensable book for all EFL teachers: a conclusive guide to making the most of your teaching experience and moving ahead in your career. The author draws on his wealth of knowledge in the fields of teaching, training and management to address the key issues facing today's EFL teachers. Also included is a range of case studies and interviews from teachers with experience of working in different countries and contexts. These bring fresh insight to the topics, which combined with numerous tasks, makes this an engaging and practical Continuing Professional Development (CPD) handbook.

David has been in the profession for 32 years and has been teaching at International House London since 2003. He is also the author of the best selling‘Teach EFL’  [ 4th edition published in 2014  by Hodder Education ]. He has been teaching since 1984 and has also been running CELTA training courses since 1989. For the last five years he has tutored on the Certificate and Diploma Education Management online courses for managers around the world covering topics such as ‘Managing Change’, ‘Effective Communication’ and ‘Observations and Feedback.  In addition, he has considerable experience of academic management in different schools.

This book is ideal for teachers looking for new ways to develop their expertise as well as academic managers wanting fresh ideas on how to foster Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in their staff.

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Being able to teach English in a foreign country is in my view, a true life experience. The kind of life experience that employers in the UK ask for in certain job requirements. Teaching speaking, listening, reading, writing and much more. My advice to those who are thinking about teaching abroad is just go for it!

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