Life after the CELTA: A look at past CELTA students and where they are now.

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We have gathered some post-CELTA experiences from a few of our former students so you can see where they are now and how they are using their qualification.


Simone Griener, who completed her CELTA at IH London in 2015, describes her experience and what she is doing now:

“After CELTA, the world is your oyster! I am a German student but during my semester breaks I can work abroad now. “

“Doing the CELTA at IH London was an eye-opener for me; I am absolutely sure that being a teacher is my dream job. The course was difficult and stressful but you have to stay focused on your goals and see the immediate outcome.”

“I already worked for an international college in England during the summer school and term time and will work at the same college this summer again. Many opportunities ahead and I definitely plan to do the DELTA as well! “

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Alex Page, who completed his CELTA at IH London in 2015, describes his experience and what he is doing now:

“I frequently tell people that my CELTA qualification from IH is the most challenging – and most rewarding – achievement on my CV. It has allowed me to follow my dream of moving to Japan, teaching elementary school children and adults, and it continues to open doors for me. “

“Day three of training for my current job as an Assistant Language Teacher in one of Japan’s elementary schools. I planned my lesson on one of the empty lesson plans from my CELTA. It had the IH logo in the corner. The head trainer called me to the head of the class while marking them and said, ‘You trained with IH? Wow – everyone who is anyone in this industry has been through their training’. “

“No matter where my career takes me to next, I know that IH’s extensive training in all areas of ESL teaching will ensure that I am completely prepared, and is recognised as among the finest in the world. Thank you, IH!"

One of the benefits of doing a CELTA at IH London is the advice and support we provide when you start looking for jobs. We offer a ‘Jobs Talk’ session in the final week of your intensive CELTA course. We have also put together some tips on finding the perfect job post-CELTA:

  • Consider all of your options carefully.

  • Prepare general research on the country you’re going to.

  • Research the company you will be working for.

  • Decide on the type of teacher you want to be.

  • Have a network of current and former ESL teaching peers that will alert you to any new job opportunities at their school, or schools nearby.

  • Ask to speak to other teachers via phone or email who are in the position you are in. Most teachers are happy to give advice.

  • Maintain a flexible attitude towards finding your first job.


 Some good websites to find work around the world are:






Print publications (UK) with job postings:

  • The Guardian Education Supplement

  • The Times Educational Supplement


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