Barry Tomalin is creator and director of the IH Business Cultural Trainer’s Certificate (BCTC) 3 day intensive train the trainer programme for teachers, trainers and corporate personnel.

He is a world recognized authority in international communication and intercultural management. He lectures in International Communication and Public Diplomacy at the British School of Leadership and Management, Glasgow Caledonian University London and Birkbeck College, University of London. and has worked in over 60 countries worldwide. He is a qualified ELT teacher and teacher trainer and has worked with IH at various stages in his career in London, Paris and Algiers as well as running the BCTC in France, Germany, Italy, India, Latvia and Russia over the last ten years.

As a global business consultant, Barry trains corporations in global management, working in international markets and international leadership and project management and puts that knowledge at the service of participants in the BCTC.

Barry is the author of several books and articles on world cultures and training, including ‘World Business Cultures- a Handbook’ (which you get free on the course) and ‘Cross-cultural Communication: Theory and Practice’ as well as monographs on Germany, Italy and France. He is currently writing ‘Training Business Culture.’

The BCTC intensive programme shows you how to research, design, market and deliver a cultural training course and is recognized both as a in-service training course for teachers interested in working in the intercultural field.


Barry Tomelin

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