We sat down with Masatoshi Kumagai, an IH Oxford student

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We interviewed Masatoshi Kumagai, an IH Oxford student, to ask him a few questions about his experience.

What are you studying with us this summer, Masatoshi? 

"Everything! I am learning about everything, not only out of a coursebook! For example, we did a survey in Summertown about the environment."

When did you arrive?

"I arrived on the 6th of July, but I have been a student in International House Oxford during Spring 2016 and last summer."

How can you describe your experience so far?

"Really, really good, it is perfect! My favourite evening activity is the disco! I also enjoy tennis, because the St Edward’s courts are very nice!"

Can you describe a typical week with us, Monday-Friday?

"A typical lessons day involves English lessons and they are fantastic! The Plus class is different to the morning class, for example we listen to songs and then we fill in the gaps. It is a bit difficult but good for listening! And we learn about new types of songs!"

Would you recommend our course to your friends?

"Of course!"

What would you say about your experience to someone who is considering coming here?

"I think my life changed last summer because of this summer school –please, if you want to learn English you should come here! I always say that to my friends."

Have you enjoyed your stay with us?

"Of course!"

What has been your favourite part of the summer at IH Oxford?

"The teachers are strong so we can be creative and discover English! This is the best point!"

 What will you miss the most?

"St Edward’s and my new friends and International House staff!"

 Great, thank you for your time Masatoshi! 


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