Relocation advice: the key to your cultural training career?

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Relocation advice may be the key to your cultural training career. We will show you how.

Relocation and mobility is in the news as companies discuss where they want to base themselves after Britain leaves the European Union after BREXIT. Up to now Britain has been an attractive proposition as an English speaking country offering a gateway to European business. That may now change somewhat as an increasing number of corporations re-assess their policies post BREXIT. 

The question is if we base ourselves in a new country and have to deal with new local business cultures, how do we do it? This is where you as a cultural trainer have an opportunity and on the IH Business Cultural Trainer’s Certificate we show you how to position yourself to get the business.

Here are five areas you need to address;

  1. ASSESS YOUR KNOWLEDGE BASE:  As a language and/or cultural trainer what countries have you worked in and how well do you know them? These are your key potential markets.
  2. REVIEW YOUR WEBSITE: Make sure it highlights the key markets and languages you are confident in so that browsers looking for advice  can find you.
  3. FIND THE CONTACTS: Make contact with local Chambers of Commerce, UKTI (United Kingdom Trade and Industry) department, contact the Embassies of the countries whose cultures you are familiar with. Get yourself on their list of potential; suppliers.
  4. PUT YOURSELF OUT THERE: Build your contact list by offering free talks (30 mins-1 hour) as part of public seminars. Offer ideas through blogs and free articles in trade journals. All these will help build your reputation as an expert in your markets and build the database that will get you new business.
  5. DON’T FORGET THE FAMILY: It isn’t just the assignee who relocates. It’s his or her family too. Make sure your programmes address the needs of partners and children who may need to find new jobs and new schools.

There’s much more we can tell you but this is a blog. Join the IH BCTC on 16-19 November 2017 to find out how you can sell yourself to organizations establishing new branches abroad and to organisations assisting with relocation.

Contact: email or or give us a ring on +44 (0)20 7611 4621 for more information.


16-18 November 2017