Are you short on time but want to practise and maintain your language skills? If so our new Bitesized courses are for you!

Launching this summer, our Bitesized courses are aimed at people who struggle to fit in traditional language classes around work. They allow students to practise their language skills and maintain a busy schedule at the same time. We have early morning language classes (08.00-08.50), lunchtime classes (12.20-13.10) or the option to do both. Courses are 10 weeks long, and are running in French, German, Italian and Spanish. The courses are aimed at Pre-Intermediate & Intermediate level students who may fit into one of the following categories:

• They may have studied the language part-time for around 2 years

• They may have A-level in the language

• They may have studied some of the language at university or done Erasmus abroad

The common factor is that they now wish to maintain their level and gain confidence in the language with like-minded people. The courses focus on fluency and putting grammar and vocabulary into use. Each class will centre around a specific theme and language point, aimed at giving students a short burst of language practice. 

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