Originally coming from America, Black Friday is the day after Thanks giving which sees an impulsive sale across stores in preparation for Christmas. Consumers purchase what they need at exceptionally low prices for just one day only. Despite being an American tradition this event has travelled across the world and the UK is no exception to this.

In respect of this, London, an iconic city of history, culture and beauty, holds an impeccable reputation worldwide attracting millions of tourists on an annual basis. With this in mind as we head to the Christmas period here in the Big Smoke, festivities will be anything but discreet from every street corner. Lighten up trees, carol singers, screaming market traders, combined with the cold crisp air and mouth watering food smells, create a festive and seasonal utopia for those all around. Embedded within this joy, are shops all around tailored for everyone. Stemming from local independent traders and large brand names across the world, London is a “shoppers paradise” and one day in particular is just around the corner to truly heighten this experience.

Black Friday is set to take place on Friday the 29th of November, which means a day of sales across the UK taking place for one day only. Offering up to 50% off of selected items, stores across the UK including London will draw people in there millions to devour bargains, whether it be fore themselves or somebody else.

If this is true, you maybe wondering. Why London?

Well, this level of discount is also applicable to names such as Harrods, Dolce and Gobanna, Stella Mcartney, Prada and more. A cosmopolitan paradise such as this makes a “dream come true” experience for people who value designers. All of these named stores can be located in London.

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