At International House London, we are not only committed to teaching languages to students from all over the world, but also showing off our magnificent city to those who choose to study with us.
To ensure that students get the best of their time here, we offer a Social Programme to help students get a true London experience outside of the classroom. Events run throughout the day, afternoons and late evenings, to ensure that we can work around every body’s schedule and recently our students had the pleasure of venturing into the iconic Camden Town. Compact full of spectacular artwork, a notorious history of music, alternative styles, live performances and an endless markets, make Camden Town a must when visiting London.

See below, 10 facts / must visit locations which make Camden Town a historical landmark.

1. Camden Town was home to the infamous and renowned singer Amy Winehouse and much of the street art created today is an inspiration of her legacy. It is rumoured that Amy also worked on a stall in the lock when she was younger. You can now also find a statue of her within the market.
2. Due to Camden’s alternative scene amongst residents, the towns local business sells many gothic styles. You can experience this within seconds of stepping off the tube station.
3. Blasting techno-music with live dancers inside, Cyberdog is a shop full of quirky, colourful and alternative styles. A must visit for those who like to stand out at a party.
4. Rock Star Prince, briefly opening a shop for fans near the Lock on Chalk Farm Road.
5. The Market is open everyday, with Christmas being the only exception.
6. Camden continuously has artistic events throughout the year such as circus’ and concerts.
7. You can visit your spiritual mind and get a Tarot reading with Butterfly Tarot, a physcick experience to blow your mind.
8. Onsite, there approximately 280 stalls and 54 shops. These include a range of vintage shops, artwork and more.
9. Built in 1847, The Roundhouse events venue was once part of the original railway. It was converted into a concert hall in the 1960s and is popular with many live music acts today.
10. Camden is also extremely well known for its pubs and nightlife, including cocktail bars and live burlesque. 

We would like to at a big thank you to our tour guide, Ian Mole from London Tours for taking us on this tour and sharing with us his insightful facts about Camden Town.

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