On July 23, IH Oxford held the Future Leaders Presentations and Certificate Ceremony. After two weeks of hard work and preparation, our students presented their projects to a panel of judges and their fellow classmates. The event was well-attended, with members of the Young Learners team and members of the IH London senior management team present.

Held at St Edward’s School, Oxford, the very first World Leaders students presented their business ideas alongside the renowned FL Entrepreneuship course. The FL Entrepreneurship course has been running successfully for a few years but the World Leaders course is new for 2019. Therefore, we are delighted that both programmes were so successful at their culmination: the Presentation Ceremony.

Future Leaders World Leaders

‘Totally inspiring’

During the ceremony, students presented their business plans in front of a panel of judges. The panel included, Young Learners Administrator, Maria Janosova, and FL Guest Speaker Tom Brooks. After the presentations had finished, students received their certificates and the judges decided on the winning team. The judges based their decision on the business idea. However, this was not the only criterion. A SWOT analysis, marketing strategies, a finance plan and the presentation itself all played a part. Finally, the first World Leaders winners ever, a dynamic group of young and promising students called the “Crusaders,” won first place after their presentation on Quality Education. First place for Entrepreneurship went to ‘Schnitzel’ and their business idea for an app that lets people book appointments.

Our judge Tom, who also coached the students on Public Speaking, said the following:

“It’s such a pleasure and privilege to see the students grow from when we first meet in the workshop, to witnessing them speak in front of an audience on the final presentation day. I’m often moved and inspired to see the students’ reactions as to how far they’ve come on the final day. The course presents a real opportunity for breakthrough in their leadership journey, not to mention their command of spoken English. Totally inspiring.”

A new and sustainable angle

The Future Leaders course has become an integral part of our Young Learners programmes at IH London. Each year, all participating students work in small groups and focus on their business plans for two weeks. During the course, the students have workshops on finance, marketing, putting together a business plan, public speaking and more. The purpose of these workshops is to assist students in producing a viable and innovative business plan. Students, then, present their business plan to the judges who have a list of criteria to score against.

This year, World Leaders brought a different angle to the course – students produced business ideas centred on the UN’s SDGs. They worked hard to create projects that focused on the UN’s sustainable goals for the future.

A wholesome experience

Estella, one of the students in the winning team “Crusaders,” commented: ‘For me the experience was really wholesome, I got to meet so many different personalities. My teacher, Mark, taught us a lot and in our classroom the atmosphere was always very relaxed. We were able to learn a lot from people of different nationalities, as well. All in all, I’m very thankful for this experience.’

Carina, another World Leaders student, added that the course “helped me build my confidence and my problem-solving skills. I was also able to learn more about different cultures and bond with people from different countries so I’m really grateful for the experience!”

Future Leaders World Leaders
The Future Leaders trophies for 2019.

Our Entrepreneurship students were equally as excited with their course. Namely, Khristina who won second place with her group, ‘PioneerS,’  had this to say: ‘I’m grateful to be a part of it because it taught me so many things. Back home I’m not really the business type of students so I’m super new to everything but being here is an experience I would never trade!’

‘I think “great” is an understatement!’ Khristina’s teammate, Winona, added. ‘It’s really different when you actually apply things. The fact that I was able to work with people from other countries to actually put together a project… I feel very blessed to be able to do that. I learnt a lot from our teachers and speakers.’

Future Leaders World Leaders
Khristina and Winona with their Future Leaders Medals


Future Leaders is a Young Learners course that has three different streams: Entrepreneurship and Leadership, World Leaders and Pre-University. Future Leaders runs every summer between the months of July and August. You can visit this page for more information or email us at younglearners@ihlondon.com.

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