International House London’s Young Learners department has launched a new course under the Future Leaders umbrella, called World Leaders. Future Leaders is currently in its fourth year, offering two different courses. The ‘Entrepreneurship’ and ‘Pre University’ courses offer unique opportunities for education that makes a positive global impact.

Consequently, IH London has decided to add a third course to its Future Leaders portfolio, focusing on sustainability: World Leaders.

A new world with World Leaders

Our YL Operations Manager, Stephen Buswell, attended the UN’s Global Festival of Action as a volunteer in 2019. Stephen returned from the festival feeling inspired; he knew straightaway that incorporating the 17 sustainable development goals into the World Leaders programme was the best move for IH London.

As a result, the YL department designed the World Leaders programme with three of the 17 UN sustainable development goals in mind.

The first goal that the course deals with is Sustainable Cities and Communities. This goal, also called Goal 11, is all about making cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.

The second goal World Leaders explores, also known as Goal 4, is Quality Education. In alliance with this goal, World Leaders ensures that all our learners acquire the knowledge and skills needed to promote sustainable development.

Finally, the third goal that comprises the World Leaders course is Gender Equality or Goal 5.

World Leader Future Leaders UN Sustainable Development Goals
Our Future Leaders, Entrepreneurship stream present their business ideas in front of a panel of judges.

IH London’s Young Learner Centres welcome students from up to 20 different countries each year. Each of our centres is a global and safe environment that facilitates learning.

Our aim is to maximise global reach and empower young individuals by giving them the right tools in their education. In this way, our young learners leave our programmes fully equipped to make a positive global impact.

“It was clear that sustainability was already on our students’ minds, we had to take action.”

“Following the success of our ‘Future Leaders: Entrepreneurship’ course, we looked at opportunities for something new for our students. The original inspiration came from the Future Leaders ‘Entrepreneurship’ presentations our students make at the end of their course. During these presentations, we realised that our young learners were coming up with ideas for business plans that involved our planet, the environment and sustainable forms of energy. It was clear that sustainability was already on our students’ minds, we had to take action.”

-Stephen Buswell, YL Operations Manager

World Leaders Future Leaders UN Sustainable Development Goals

Stephen went on to say that the students on the course will look at all of the UN 17 sustainable development goals. As the course progresses, students will learn about the interconnectedness of sustainable development and how our actions can make a difference, to ensure a prosperous world for future generations.

They will also find out about how cities and communities around the world are already adapting in order to achieve the SDGs by 2030 and challenge the students to consider ways in which their own communities and cities can adapt to meet this ambitious agenda. The course will include a workshop from a representative from the charity ‘Water aid.’

An unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and engagement

The course will also include a workshop from the project lead for the SDG Global Festival of Action, Hannah Messenger, who shared her thoughts on the course.

‘The SDG Global Festival of action strives to inspire, mobilise and connect stakeholders from across the world to take action on the SDGs. This set of goals presents an unprecedented opportunity for collaboration and engagement from every level of society, especially today’s youth.

IH’ s adoption of the goals as a critical focus of the Future Leaders course demonstrates their commitment to take action as an organisation. More importantly, it provides the opportunity for young learners from across the world to apply this important agenda to their own lives, empowering them to think about their own solutions to the biggest global issues of our time.’

‘The hope, in turn, is that this course can serve to inspire, mobilise and connect a cohort of young people that will feel empowered to take what they have learned and translate that into action.’


World Leaders takes place in IH Oxford, between July 10 and July 24. Click here to find out more about the course.

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