Get ready for your summer holiday with our new travel-focused language courses!

Our Pre-Holiday evening short courses are for complete beginners who will be travelling abroad soon and want to pick up some basics of the language before they go. They are an ideal introduction to the language and culture for holiday makers and those going on short business trips.


Learn how to:

• Socialise and make casual conversation with the locals

• Order food and drinks at bars and restaurants

• Ask for tourist information and arrange a day trip or

• Ask for advice at the pharmacy

• Speak at the hotel reception or make a complaint

• Speak to store assistants and cashiers


Courses are 3 weeks long; 2 evenings a week. Classes are running throughout the summer and are available in the following languages:

Arabic | French | German | Greek | Italian | Japanese | Korean | Mandarin | Portuguese | Russian | Spanish


Book your Pre-Holiday language course now and enjoy your trip like never before!


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