Notoriously known today for its pubs, Grand theatres, restaurants and iconic market, Covent Garden (previously known as Convent Garden), is not only a tourist hotspot but also an iconic historical landmark. International House Proudly resides in this beautiful and luxurious environment which draws thousands of people on an annual basis.

However, which historical landmarks “unearth” lost treasures within this arguably haunted destination?

See below 4 top haunted locations in Covent Garden



The Theatre Royal – London’s oldest theatre

Originally built in 1663, however has been rebuilt on the same spot since 4 times and the most recent structure was put together in 1812.This theatre is known as the most haunted throughout the entire world and holds iconic haunting shows such as “The Woman in Black”.

It is rumoured and believed, that if actors / actresses to this present day are presented with a previous performing spirit, that it is a sign of good luck.



 FreeMasons Hall

Opening in 1775 and rebuilt 3 times, the Freemasons hall holds a long legacy with the current building being opened in 1933. Freemasons’ Hall in London is the headquarters of the United Grand Lodge of England and was originally built as a peace memorial for freemasons who lost their lives in the war. It’s longevity and history renders questions and rumours as to what spirits walk the surrounding space of this colossal structure.



The Covent Garden Market

 Covent Garden Market began in 1654 and has been a busy and popular environment ever since for traders of all kinds. Rumour has it, that a Nun has been known to appear to passers-by in this environment. This could reflect a time in the 13th century, whereby Covent Garden was called Convent Garden and was built as a walled garden. Who knows what other lost souls parade this magnificent patch of land?



Lamb and Flag

Previously known as the The Coopers arms in 1722 (and established), this pub gained a heightened reputation for its violence nicknaming the pub “The Bucket of Blood”. Beside this pub the alleyway was the scene of an attack on the poet John Dryden in 1679 by thugs hired by John Wilmot. Rest assured, today is remains a peaceful public house to many tourists and workers in the Covet Garden Region.

All the above are just a small selection of iconic attractions to see and visit just a stone throw away from International House London. Studying with us not only gives you high quality language lessons, but also the opportunity to get a real slice of culture.

At International House, we pride ourselves in regular student trips and encourage many (particularly international students), to visit what this magnificent city has to offer.

If spooky trips are what you are interested in, then you can also explore more haunting attractions in London with The London Ghost Tours. A must go to for those who enjoy the spine tingling mysterious that this city has to offer.

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