After months of preparation, International House London launched their first new virtual reality tour at ST Alphe UK in 2019 which took place in Park Plaza Westminster Bridge on the last weekend of August. The virtual reality tour was met with resounding success and plenty of enthusiasm by attendees and partners alike.

The virtual reality tour of IH London is a project that brings innovation to the forefront. Innovation has always been at the heart of IH London, which is why tapping into new technologies such as virtual reality, felt like the next natural step for the organisation.

IH London’s focus is not only on innovation but also on making meaningful connections with partners, clients and students. For this reason, finding a new way to showcase the school premises while also making the experience more personal, interactive and real was very important. Which is why we had to turn to the professionals.

IH London worked very closely with ICEF Media, the production team that provided all the technical and practical support in bringing IH London’s creative vision to life. The preparation months leading up to the launch were both laborious and thrilling. As the release date approached, the excitement kept growing.

‘The virtual reality tour is one of the biggest projects we have undertaken as a school,’ Digital Marketing Executive, Caroline Karakatsani, said. ‘By creating a 360 digital blueprint of the school, we were building IH London all over again, onto a digital platform that would be accessible to anyone with a smartphone and/or a pair of goggles!’

‘The virtual reality tour is the foundation and starting point of an on-going digital journey for IH London,’ Head of Marketing, Eva Uddin, added. The goal is to use technology and innovation to widen the opportunities for channelling. Customer satisfaction is key; giving them the ultimate experience of the school and city from anywhere in the world is something quite spectacular.

IH London used the Oculus Go to showcase the VR tour, however you don’t need any gear to see it for yourself. Simply download the app “VR Direct” on your phone, put in the code “gl4ilp” and voila! You can take IH London with you, everywhere.

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