Imagine it, just imagine it, thousands of people passing by each day paying no attention, the bitter cold sinking into your skin, a lack of certainty for your next meal, the loneliness, the vulnerability and the sense of defeatism as you become a victim of unfortunate circumstances.

Luckily enough, many of us will never know what it’s like to be homeless and nor would we wish too. However, the sad reality of this issue matter is becoming a crippling issue across Great Britain as a nation and London is no exception.

According to statistics provided by ITV in November 2018, over 170,000 people continued to sleep in the streets of London, meaning that over half of the UK’S homeless population resided in the capital.

Whilst these figures are daunting, there is so much that was a city and nation can do to head toward a brighter future. At IH London, we recently put together a fundraiser for Crisis UK recently.

Reasons for homelessness can include domestic abuse, discrimination, addiction, high rents, housing availability, unemployment, mental/physical health problems and more.

As you can see there is more than homelessness than meets the eyes and everyone’s circumstances differ from each other. Whilst this is the case, there is one way that we can all make a difference this Christmas. For every 28.87 raised before Christmas with Crisis UK, supports an individual with housing, counseling, employment skills and more. You can find out more details on the Crisis website.

At IH London, we are a charitable organisation and continue to plan further action in 2020 to implement greater change. Our cake sale alone raises £866.00. Please remember that no matter how little or how much we raise for the causes every little make such as significant difference to people’s lives.

Stay tuned for 2020, as we at IH London not only aim to continue to teach languages to students from all over the world but also to support our neighboring community.

Can you afford to give the gift of a future for someone in need this Christmas?

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