At IH London we love nothing more than happy students who are enjoying their language learning. We were therefore over the moon to receive this article written by two Cambridge Proficiency English students, Yoon and Kathrin, who have been studying online with our teacher Steve


Learning English Online at IH London


It is said, that every cloud has a silver lining. During lock down, self-isolation and social distancing we had the privilege to enjoy every day for three hours the CPE-course with Steve, our highly appreciated English teacher. Not only were his lessons an interesting and an exciting journey through a broad variety of different topics, like crime, money, travel, endangered species, childhood, relationships etc. but also beneficial regarding the understanding of challenging grammar aspects as conditionals (there are more than the course book taught us!), noun phrases and key word transformations. Unforgettable is his lesson about pronunciation! However, this list doesn’t capture the special character of the “method Steve” for learning English.

The fundamental is a meticulous preparation. He managed to challenge us in every lesson with different exercises, games, speaking and writing tasks. Moreover, he mostly works around the clock, preparing for the next class and giving students detailed personalised feedback. Rather than giving up on students, he has put a great amount effort on motivating students to achieve their goal during the 10-week course as he always has a ‘can-do’ attitude towards students.

Secondly, he focused intensively every Friday on the revision of vocabulary in different contexts, which helped us a lot to internalise special expressions. Thirdly, the elaborate feedback for our writing tasks was outstanding especially in a long-term perspective. Lastly, Steve gave the lessons a personal touch with anecdotes and photos.

To sum up, the course lived fully up to our expectations, we both get much benefit from it! Steve is a teacher who always goes the extra mile. For us, thanks to him, the exam will be a piece of cake.


Dear Steve, we wish you and Gabi all the best! Break a leg, keep your wits always about you, stay fit as a fiddle, never go off the straight and narrow, don’t pull all your eggs in one basket and stay blessed. We appreciate your great passion for the CPE course and your hard work. Our decision to take this course with you is the best thing we have ever done this year. Thanks to you, we’ve learned more than what we’ve expected for.

Yoon and Kathrin






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