You may be starting to worry that you’re getting close to completing Netflix and the like, what with the lockdown right now. But have you explored the Italian series available? We love enhancing our language skills and relaxing with a good show in Italiano and there are plenty to chose from! Here are some of our favourites right now.



Looking for something gritty to sink your teeth into? Try Suburra. This is a rough and ready crime drama set in and around Rome that sees the worlds of organised crime, politics and the Vatican collide. Believe it or not, the show was actually inspired by real events! This dark and exciting series is great for fans of thrillers, and of course, perfect for working on those comprehension skills.


Il Commissario Montalbano

If you’re in the mood for a classic Italian series, look no further than Il Commissario Montalbano. Based on an original book series, the show follows the cases of detective Salvo Montalbano based in Sicily. With stunning scenery and intriguing (sometimes comic) story lines, it gets viewers hooked in from early on. The series has been running for years and there are more than 30 episodes available on IPlayer. Each episode is around the length of a film so is great for kicking back and enjoying with some snacks! 



Luna Nera

For something a bit different, give the new Italian Netflix series Luna Nera a go. Fans of fantasy and history will no doubt enjoy the story which centres around witchcraft in 17th century Italy. Is this Italy’s answer to Game of Thrones perhaps? This is a fun way to improve your listening skills and learn to recognise new vocabulary – with even some magical words thrown in too!   


Il Processo

Moving on, we have Il Processo. Set in Mantua, this Italian crime series follows the trial and investigation into the murder of a 17-year-old girl who found herself caught up in something she could never have imagined. On the search for answers, we encounter twists and turns and see characters unearth shocking truths along the way. Il Processo is a fast paced, suspenseful drama that will keep you guessing who the killer is right until the very end.




It’s not looking promising for our Mediterranean getaways this summer, but Netflix has an alternative – check out Summertime instead! Inspired by Italian author Federico Moccia’s book series, the show tells the tale of two youngsters from different backgrounds who fall in love during a summer on Italy’s Adriatic coast. This feel good easy-going series is a great antidote right now, and the stunning scenery of the Med will get you looking forward to better times.



So why not treat yourself to a built-free series binge? You’ll get to improve your Italian comprehension, familiarise yourself with new vocabulary and see grammar used in context too – all while sitting back and relaxing. Perfect!

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