When it comes to studying a language, it’s much more than just ploughing through endless grammar exercises and memorizing long lists of vocabulary. Arguably, learning about the culture behind a language is just as important. Alongside their online classes this summer, our foreign language students have taken part in lots of enjoyable social and cultural events, organized by our amazing teachers, to really enrich their language learning experience. Have a read about a few of the activities that they have been up to! 


French Inter-Class Quiz


This summer, our French students have taken part in plenty of quizzes to tease their brains and have a blast with their fellow classmates. Whilst competing against one another, the students have taken on challenging quizzes involving rounds on everything from French geography, sport, music and so on. They have really put their general knowledge and language skills to the test as well as learn a thing or two about France in the process. 



Korean Drama Club 


Our Korean students have also had a very busy summer so far with plenty of interesting events lined up. Recently, a small group took part in a Korean Drama Club, where they discussed about a couple of popular K-dramas, Crash Landing On You and Love In The Moonlight. Both of these Netflix series touch on extremely intriguing and diverse themes, such as the difference between North and South Korean food as well as women’s status in the Joseon Dynasty, so there was plenty to discuss!



Mandarin Cooking Class 


When it comes to culture, it goes without saying that food is always at the heart of every cultural identity. With this in mind, Andrew, who is one of our Mandarin teachers, organized an entertaining online cooking class with a select group of students, where he demonstrated how to make a mouth-watering stir-fry. Not only did they learn some key cooking vocabulary that’ll definitely come in handy, but they have also now discovered the secrets behind making a mean stir-fry that’ll really spice things up in the kitchen.



German Virtual Museum Tour 


Germany is graced with tons of extremely eye-opening and fascinating museums, and our German students have been lucky enough to go on a couple of virtual tours around them from the comfort of their own home. Together they indulged in art, architecture and history from past and present exhibitions, such as admiring some Andy Warhol pieces in Hamburg, discovering about the great German Romantics and much, much more. This educational tour was incredibly insightful and it certainly has inspired students to visit Germany in the near future.


Japanese Origami Workshop 


A few weeks ago, our Japanese students got their arts & crafts sets out and took part in a special Origami Workshop lead by our Japanese teacher, Hisano. In the session, the students managed to master a few nifty, superb designs as well as get a real insight into the art of paper folding, which forms an important part of Japanese culture.



Italian Gestures Workshop 


When people say ‘Italians talk with their hands’… they’re not entirely wrong! Gestures are frequently used as a form of nonverbal communication and expression in Italy, making them a fundamental cultural trait and an essential part of the language. But what do they all mean? In an exclusive workshop last Friday, our students got the chance to learn about the most common gestures, so that they could understand how to use them properly on their next trip to Italy.


Mexican Cuisine Tour


For our Spanish students who are proper ‘foodies‘, they were in for a treat with the Mexican Cuisine Tour a few weeks ago. Not only did the students play some entertaining interactive games, but they also learnt about some of the regional delicacies in Mexico and were even told about how to make the perfect guacamole!



And there you have it… those were only a small selection of the fun social and cultural activities that have taken place this summer and there will be plenty more to look forward to in the coming weeks! Alongside their online classes, these events have been a perfect opportunity for students to learn about different cultures, to broaden their horizons as well as have a blast with their fellow classmates.


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