IH London has been up and running for many weeks now with our online courses, and we are thoroughly enjoying the new opportunities this has provided to both us and our students. We are now delighted to announce that we will be including Guided e-Learning in our provision to our English language students.  


What is Guided e-Learning (GEL) and how does it benefit students?

GEL provides 4 key things:


  • Online course management.  Using GEL, students will be able to access their courses, school information, calendar, social events and online homework via their phones tablets or computers.


  • Digital content personalised to student needs.  GEL’s AIMS technology maps digital content to the class syllabus and assessments, ensuring personalised content to help students achieve their language learning needs.


  • Progress monitoring.  GEL dashboards monitor student progress so they can see everything they are accomplishing and how much they are learning.


  • Pre and post-sessional access.  Along with access while in school, students will get access from the time they register in order to get ready, and maintain access for 3-months after they leave in order to help them maintain the English they learn with us.




In the short term GEL is going to help us at IH London ensure quality and consistency in our fully online courses. Going forward, GEL will form key part of our service to offer students the best quality English language teaching available.

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