At IH London we want all our students to have the best learning experience but more importantly we want everyone to be safe. On Wednesday, the government announced that schools in the UK will be closing on Friday. While we are very sad about this, we do want our students to continue learning and developing their English skills. So, what’s our answer? We are going to move our school online!

From Monday our students will be going to a new classroom… not a real one in our school but a virtual one! All they need is a mobile phone, laptop or computer to join the online lessons.  Students will still be able to talk to their classmates each day, ask their teacher questions, learn new vocabulary, watch videos and follow their course book. The classes will be different, but our students will still be improving your English every day in a new and fun way! ? The best part for us is that we know our students will be safe and comfortable while they learn.

You can find out more about our lessons on the links below 

General English 

IELTS Preparation

Modern Languages (Modern Languages courses are available now).

Not only are our classes going online – but our social programme too!  At IHL, we think it is important to keep in touch with classmates and teachers even when it is difficult to go outside. Our programme will include a wide range of activities and these will change each week. If students want need to practise their speaking and make new friends, they can join conversation club. Want to watch some films in English? Come to our film club. For students who like singing there is Karaoke too.

So instead of meeting friends at a cafe after class, students can talk to each other online. Hanging out with other students online is fun but also a great way to stay healthy and happy while in London.

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See you online from Monday!

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