How are your New Year’s resolutions holding up? Don’t beat yourself if they are a distant memory – maybe you just need to choose one, one that will really change your life.

Why most New Year’s resolutions don’t work

78% of people fail to keep their New Year’s resolutions, so if you have already faltered you are not alone. With such high hopes every year, why do we let them slip?


You set a resolution based on what you think you should do, rather than what you actually want to do. You are 10 ten times more likely to keep a resolution if you actually want the outcome! Basically, if it’s not important to you then don’t make it your goal.


Timing. Everyone makes resolutions for the new year, but it’s unlikely we are motivated for change in our lives all at the same time; even worse if you ‘failed’ in January, the concept of New Year’s resolutions mean you might not even try again until next year. If you want to make a change in your life, just do it, now. Life is short!


Too many resolutions set you up to fail. You don’t need an entirely new you. You are great. Just focus on one thing you’d like to achieve.

Your five-step plan to make 2020 your year

1. The next orbit of the sun

A year is the time the earth takes to orbit the sun. Maybe it’s better to think about what you would actually like to do with this crazy thing we call life – what do you want to see and do, and how could you make that happen? Always remember why you are doing something and it will keep you motivated.


2. Add to your life (rather than taking things away)

Less ‘new year, new you’ and more recognising that you are pretty good as you are, but wouldn’t it be nice to build on that skill this year? What do you already like that you could do more of or take in a different direction? Humans are wired to focus on the bad things, as a survival instinct, and we very quickly take the good things for granted, as they don’t need immediate attention, but investing in your strengths is a sure-fire way to success.

3. Choose one goal

Choose one thing you really want to do or achieve this year. Something that actually matters to you. Just one, then break that down into steps, and take that first step. It sounds simple, because it really can be. Oh, and think about it as a goal, rather than a resolution. 

4. Believe in yourself

Not trying will cripple your self-esteem more than anything that will ever come from taking a chance on something you really want. Go on, you can do it, and we’ll be there to help you.
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Psychology Today says: “Real personal change comes from real conviction, and real conviction emerges from real learning – a process in which new knowledge leads to seeing new things, or to seeing old things with new eyes.”

5. Support from your cheerleaders

Having other people on the journey with you really helps. People that are supportive of you and also people that share your goal, not necessarily exactly the same goal, but in the same area, so you can share experiences, ideas and support. We’ve got support and tracking your progress covered on any course with us, so you can focus on celebrating those milestones!
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