While the world has ground to a halt and with all holidays put on hold for the time being, this doesn’t mean that we should stop dreaming about our next trip abroad. As linguists, we all have a burning desire to travel across all corners of the world and to put our language skills to the test. While we’re stuck indoors, we can still watch other people’s amazing experiences to get some inspiration for some future adventures of our own. In this article, we’ll share with you some of our favourite travel vloggers from Italy, Spain, France, Germany and Japan to reignite your excitement for travelling as well as to help keep up your language learning from home. 


Marcello Ascani  


First off, the young vlogger from RomeMarcello Ascani, is well-worth following and he is one of the most popular Italian YouTubers out there. This isn’t surprising as his engaging videos are easy to watch and understand, which is superb for Italian learners of all abilitiesAfter having left school to become a YouTuber, Marcello has quite literally travelled to all corners of the world. Iwatching his incredible trips to Japan and Bali don’t inspire you, then nothing will! He also embarked on a remarkable challenge to live in 12 different cities across 12 months, but sadly this project is being put on hold temporarily. Nevertheless, for anyone wanting to listen to some Italian, or even just to get some original travelling ideas, make sure to subscribe to his channel.  



Enrique Álex 


For all you Spanish learners and travel enthusiasts, Enrique Álex is another fantastic YouTuber you simply must follow. One day, he quit his boring job in Madrid, left everything behind and bought a one-way ticket out of Spain with his partner. Three years on, they’re still going strong and have been everywhere imaginable. Whether it’s admiring idyllic waterfalls in the heart of the Ecuadorian rainforest or embarking on a Safari in South Africa, Enrique has seen and done it all. After watching his fascinating vlogs with jaw-dropping panoramic shotsnot only will you be more confident with your Spanish, but you’ll also be itching to get on the next plane out of the UK. 



Bruno Maltor 


When it comes to travel vlogging, Bruno Maltor is a veteran. The Frenchman has been traveling for well over 8 years and his endless collection of videos and photos from his adventures will leave you incredibly envious. In fact, his latest trip to India particularly catches the eye and his visit to the Taj Mahal will give you plenty of wanderlust. Not only that, but he gives loads of insider tips for anyone coming to France and even gives you a heads up on all the tourist traps to avoid in Paris. If you’re planning on hopping across the pondor going anywhere else as a matter of fact, then subscribe to his channel. 



WDR Reisen  


While WDR Reisen are not your typical travel vlog, as they are a public broadcasting service from Köln, they are more than worthy of a shout-outThey regularly make superb content showing you some of the most beautiful destinations in Asia, Europe and elsewhere so what’s not to love! What makes this channel even more unique is the fact that they showcase some of the best places for outdoor activities and camping that you usually wouldn’t find on many other similar channels. Whether you’re an adrenaline junkie or a lazy sun-bather, WDR Reisen has you covered! 





Join Ryosuke on his continental food tour and follow his adventures on his YouTube channel, BUCKET LIST. If you’re a massive foodie and wanting some inspiration for your own bucket list, then feast your eyes on his fun videos where he meets the locals and shares his love for food. His travels take him across Asia and even Latin America, but what you’ll realise straight away is that, wherever he goes, the regional cuisine is ingrained into the country’s culture. This comes as no surprise, as all travellers recognise that you don’t really get to know a place unless you try the local grub. Ryosuke always has a big smile on his face and you won’t be able to keep your eyes off his vlogs, so definitely check out his channel which is all in Japanese. 



Well there you have it… it’s not all doom and gloom as these fantastic travel vlogs will certainly lift your spirits while in lockdown. Although we’re unable to pursue our travels for the time being, one day we will be able to see the world again, so we need to keep on dreaming and staying positive. These channels are the perfect way to keep your hopes and dreams alive as well as boost your language learning during these challenging times   


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