Our brand new online classes ensure that you are able to access lessons with zoom. Whether you are studying General English, Foreign Languages or preparing for your IELTS, we want to ensure we keep your time at home fun and engaging. 

Okay, so things may not seem great right now, but we at International House London see a window when others see a wall.

Why not take this time to “brush up” on your language skills from home? See below our top 10 tips for you to help you through this process.

  1. Meditation 

First of all, your mental health and well-being is important above anything and a clear mind will absorb information greater. Mindfulness is the most recommended form of mediation for learning and will prove beneficial for your overall well-being and happiness. You can also find endless amounts of meditation videos and relaxation videos on Youtube. Look after your mind, look after you and learn languages!


  1. Flash cards 

 Flash cards are a strategy in language learning to help individuals learn and practice words / rules. Simply put the word in your own language on one side of a singular square or rectangle card and the translation on the other. Once you have done this, repetitively turn over the cards to ensure that you learn the words translated. Repetition is the key here!

  1. Role-play

Okay, so you may not be a west end or Hollywood actor, but nevertheless, creating false yet realistic scenarios between yourself and your peers can be a great approach to learning languages. Why not pretend you are in a restaurant and ask what the specials are today? Perhaps you prefer the vegan options?

  1. Foreign movies (including Netflix)

How many times have you been in your fancy hotel room during your holiday, to find that there’s one channel in your language and it’s showing the only programme you cannot stand? Or perhaps you’re ashamed to admit that you have become a creature of habit with your “home comfort” channels? Well then, it’s time to stop binge watching Friends as there is a whole new world of entertainment in the language that you are trying to learn. This is a great excuse to practice your chosen language and to get comfy on the sofa too.

Don’t worry, we will forgive you if you decide to cheat and put the subtitles on!

  1. Regular exercises

Okay so your neglected gym membership may finally seem like a waste of money, but similar to meditation, indoor exercises help release endorphins and freshen the mind. Beneficial not only to your health, but also your ability to learn. With the support of free youtube workouts, you will be able to jog your way into better shape, whilst gaining a greater capacity of head space for learning. 

  1. Find a language friend online

Yes this is a possibility, you can exchange and practice your international language skills with online video calls. Skype offers a range of opportunities for you to make friends online and practice your language skills with them. Why not expand your circle of friends across borders and practice with someone who can help you enhance your language skills.

  1. Have a word of the day

“Conspicuous”, it sounds rather delightful when you say it out loud doesn’t it? It refers to being noticed or attracting attention. Why not have a word of the day to remember, perhaps something that you will unlikely use on a daily basis, but will occur spontaneously in a situation where you least expect it. 

  1. Use colour coordination

Learning languages is not as simple as black and white? Studies have shown that color coordinating your previous materials can help individuals learn faster. Why not combine this method with your flashcards? 

  1. Play games with others around you

Okay, it’s time to stop scrolling on your phone for just a moment and rejoice in some human interaction. Language games can mean adapting any tangible games including board games, party games into a new language learning experience. Perhaps Spanish charades or German Pictionairy are just a few suggestions which could benefit you?

  1. Engage with online zoom lessons

At International House London, we are bringing you our English Lessons and IELTS support to you and the comfort of your own home. So not only can you practice what you have learnt, you can engage with lessons without the need to leave your own home. So why not put on the kettle today and join our fun, interactive and immersive online lessons. 

So there you have it! Online lessons and enough home-remedy practice procedures for you to learn your second language in no time. 

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