With more time at home right now, there are lots of things we can do to make good use of the hours – from learning a language to becoming a wiz in the kitchen. But you don’t have to chose just one of those to work on – we’ve got a brilliant way of improving language skills and cooking at the same time! Foreign language recipes and TV shows are the perfect mix and offer a fun way of allowing students to pick up new vocabulary and improve overall comprehension – not forgetting the tasty treat at the end of it all!

Take a look at some of our favourite websites and series and get ready for those post-lockdown dinner parties. You’ll be wowing your friends with delicious dishes and linguistic flair in no time.


Foodie Websites


La Cucina Italiana – Italian

Italian cuisine is a firm favourite around the world, and a love of the food is often what inspires students to start learning the language in the first place. So why not get stuck in with some Italian recipes and pretend you’re in your favourite Italian restaurant or dining in a piazza in the sun! La Cucina Italiana magazine has an excellent website, and the ricette section is full of delicious dishes for you to try and recreate at home. There are sections for starters, main courses, deserts, drinks and more, so lots of opportunities to pick up new vocabulary. 


Das Rezept – German

Your experiences of German cuisine no doubt bring back good memories of city breaks, Christmas markets and ski trips. From bratwurst to schnitzel, what’s not to love! There is so much more to German cuisine however, as Das Rezept demonstrates. From traditional dishes and seasonal recipes to exciting fusion cooking, the website has a whole range of tasty treats to try. The step by step recipes are great for mastering German vocabulary, meaning by the end of it you’ll not only have a delicious meal but a host of new words under your belt too – win win!


YouTube Chefs


Argiro Barbarigou – Greek

There’s sometimes nothing better than an exquisite yet simple, delicious Greek meal! And that is Argiro Barbarigou‘s speciality. Her YouTube channel is full of fantastic how-to recipe videos that make your mouth water! From Greek meatballs and lamb, to pastries and dolmades, learn to recreate some of the country’s iconic dishes. Most videos have English subtitles available which means that this is a great activity for working on listening skills and improving comprehension. 


Paik’s Cuisine – Korean

Korean food has been taking London by storm in recent times with more and more restaurants popping up. Although we may not be able to visit them right now, we can still try and recreate some of the recipes at home. Chef Paik Jong Wong’s YouTube channel is filled with delicious Korean recipes including kimchi, noodles, rice dishes and more. The videos have handy vocabulary appearing on the screen which is helpful for learners, and there are also English subtitles (although not amazing) available. 


Delicious Netlix Series


Taco Chronicles – Spanish

Warning – if you’re a meat or spicy food lover you’ll be hooked to this show! Taco Chronicles – or Las Crónicas del Taco – is a tribute to one of Mexico’s most popular foods. The series has an episode dedicated to different varieties of classic tacos and introduces viewers to their histories and cooking methods. You’ll be inspired to try and recreate some of the specialities at home, for sure! The series is perfect for improving listening skills and learning new words, and offers good subtitles in both Spanish and English which are ideal for learners.


Flavorful Origins – Mandarin

The vast country of China has a rich and varied cuisine loved around the world. But what we know as Chinese food barely scratches the surface. This exciting series explores the country’s regional cuisines and meals and focuses on specific ingredients. Each episode is short (around 12 minutes long) and gives an insight into lesser known Chinese dishes. Subtitles are available for Flavorful Origins in both Mandarin and English, so why not give the series a go and pick up some new interesting vocabulary to use in class!


So there you have some of favourite foodie-language sites and series right now. Try your hand at some of the recipes and prepare to amaze your friends and family – you’ll pick up some nifty language skills at the same time!

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