Renowned for its history, culture architecture, high street fashion and individuality, London has well reserved its place as one of the most iconic capital cities in the world.
However, despite carrying a legacy with all these unique aspects, one must question where does the “love factor” come in to play?
Is it on the tube? Is it on the bus? Or perhaps on the top of the London Eye? Well, when we look at some romantic movies, it could appear that love is everywhere in London.
The love for London can be identified in 5 different “smooch worthy” landmarks identified below, as we identify our top 5 favorite romantic films in London.
Now come on Bridget, we have some serious “Love in London” moments to address.

1.Last Christmas –
Home to International House London, Covent Garden is a well-known location for Londoners and tourists for its markets and architecture. Also, this has recently been used for the film Last Christmas with Emilia Clarke, a story of a young woman called Kate who makes bad decisions frequently. Her latest escapade involved taking a job as a Christmas elf in a department store, resulting in Kate meeting a stranger named Tom who changes her life forever.

2.Bridget Jones –
Everybody knows Bridget Jones and her chaotic life, whether that be her sliding down a fireman’s pole or running through the snow with no trousers on. With all this going on, you may not have even noticed some of the beautiful locations of London in the picture.
Her Flamboyant Mum and down to earth Father live in the iconic district of Notting Hill, lover-boy Daniel Clever in Clink Street and Bridget herself in the heart of Brough Market.

3.Notting Hill
The third movie is “Notting Hill”, surprisingly filmed in …. Notting hill. On a romantic scale, this one is arguably at the top!
William Thacker (played by Hugh grant) lives in Notting Hill, West London. Divorced and alone, this thirty-year-old leads a peaceful existence between his bookshop and the house he shares with his quirky friend Spike.

Suddenly, life takes an unexpected turn one morning when the beautiful Anna Scott who is Hollywood’s most famous actress (portrayed by Julia Roberts), opens the door to his shop.
Does this seem like a typical romance? A world-famous actress with the man in the book shop?
Also, if you know the famous scene in the garden between Anna and Will, you will see the beautiful Rosemead Gardens.

4. Wimbledon
Similar to Notting Hill, Wimbledon is another movie named after its iconic location. This movie is about the story of a former tennis star (Paul Bethany) who falls in love with an up and coming tennis player (Kirsten Dunst).
Some scenes were filmed during the 2003 champions ship in Wimbledon. It’s the only time in the history of the tournament that this has been allowed. But also, some tennis scenes were filmed at the Stoke Park Country Club.
One fun fact is that the entrance of London zoos was used for the entrance to Wimbledon.

5.Love Actually
Last but certainly not least, Love stole the hearts of the world when it was released.
Throwing together an outstanding cast including Hugh Grant, Martine McCutcheon, Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Liam Neeson, Thomas Brodie-Sangster, Colin Firth, Bill Nighy and Kiera Knightley, Love Actually is a tear-jerking movie channelling the heart break and trouble of eight different couples in separate situations.
Once iconic location is where Liam Nelson’s had the heart-to-heart with his son was filmed on the Queen’s Walk which is a path on Gabriel’s Wharf, South Bank, London. Just in front of the Riviera Restaurant outside 56 Upper Ground, you’ll find the bench.

So, London is a romantic city, isn’t it? Now you will think of your favourite movie scenes when you take a stroll down the endless paradise that this city has to offer.Each neighbourhood has a love story, so maybe it’s time to create yours? Whether you’re a romantic like Anna, confused like Bridget, or an elf like Kate, enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

Much Love,
International House London.

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