We hope you continue to enjoy your online English classes at IH London!

While you are studying at home, we have lots of ideas and tips for helping you practise your English skills. Similarly, as our ability to socialise outdoors is limited just now, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the local British culture online. Take a look at our advice and social events below.


Time for a Chat?

Want some more speaking practice and the chance to meet new students? Why not join our conversation club every Tuesday between 3.30 – 4.30pm? Each week you will get to discuss everyday topics while learning new phrases and vocabulary from our teacher James. No need to sign up in advance, you can just come along and join in via this link. So grab a cup of tea, a few biscuits and get ready to have a chinwag*.

*another word for chat


Ballet from your Bedroom

Don’t worry, you do not have to do any dancing! The world-famous company The English National Ballet is streaming some of its most popular performances during its Watch Parties. You don’t need a ticket, just your laptop or smartphone to watch online. Coming up this month are performances of Nora and the famous Swan Lake. You can even get dressed up and pretend you’re really at the theatre! Click here to find out more. 


IHL Photo Competition!

Look at your most recent photos – have you snapped people in your local supermarket queue? Or taken a selfie of you baking some banana bread? If so, we would love to see them. Remember the photo must be your own and related to our theme ‘the new normal’. The best pics will appear on our virtual photo gallery and our selected winner will receive a FREE 121 lesson. Entries must be in by 5th June.

Email your entry to socialprogramme@ihlondon.com


Lockdown Murder Mystery Party

Do you think you could be the next Sherlock Holmes? Well, here is a mystery just for you! This online Murder Mystery Party lets you become the detective, analyse clues and decide who you think is the murderer. It is only £3.99 for a clue pack and you can watch the videos again and again before you make your decision. Why not get some friends to join the investigation and see if you come to the same verdict? Magnifying glasses at the ready! 


App of the Month

Improve your English from anywhere! Each month we will recommend an app to help you learn new skills at the touch of a button. Today’s suggestion – Idioms and Phrases – is perfect for learning new vocabulary which you may hear in everyday conversation. It is also great for those of you preparing for exams or if you just want to help express yourself better. There are over 500 phrases and idioms to choose from so what are you waiting for?


Find out about our online English languages courses and book your place here. We look forward to seeing you online!

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