So what, your new years resolutions didn’t quiet go to plan. Nevertheless, there is always time for self-improvement and discovering the new year without the firework display and a glass of champagne. We at International House London can help you exceed your goals for 2020 with our wide variety of Teacher Training courses and Language lessons.

Do you need further motivation?

See below, 10 benefits of learning a new language in 2020…

1. Boosting employability
Have you ever seen your dream job advertised, to then only fall short against a competitive candidate who offered a second language? Perhaps you didn’t even know that was your setback? Or did you even hesitate to apply because the job advert itself put that wall up in front of you? Why let an opportunity that you deserve slip through your fingers over something so achievable? By learning a second language you can be the competitive candidate you always feared and climb the career ladder you have always wanted.

2.Make new friends
The World is your Oyster (a term once coined by William Shakespeare), and it couldn’t really be truer. An explosion of holiday packaged deals, gap years, cheap flights, quick getaways and globalisation, are just a few of the modern-day incentives that people across the world and in the UK travel. With this, we are making more friends from around the world. Imagine how many lifelong relationships/ friendships/ amigos you could make with a second language?

3.Independence when travelling
So how do we get to the beach exactly?
Are you still asking directions in English whilst poorly mimicking the regional accent, resulting in nothing but a frown and a shaking head from the poorly belittled citizen before you? Even the most basic scenarios require communication, as a result the language barrier can often lead to uncomfortable and embarrassing situations. Taking control of this can mean the difference of ending up at the beach or the skip. Which would you prefer on your holiday?

4.To experience other cultures
Often, holiday resorts continuously get critically acclaimed for “Being to British” accommodating an alarming amount of British culture. Well if we can put down the egg and chips for five minutes, it would become apparent that learning another language can open more doors. Have you ever considered travelling abroad to a location outside of the traditional tourist areas where nobody speaks English?
It sounds terrifying doesn’t it?

5.Improve your future living prospects
Perhaps you consider venturing past the English coast for more than just a holiday, whether that be for employment, retirement or personal reasons. If this is the case, wouldn’t you be more comfortable fitting into your community with their native tongue?
Imagine the impossibility of it all, the sound of your neighbours gathering in harmony for the weekly barbeque and you can’t even as where the tomato sauce for your plate of British chips?

6.To help improve your native language skills
Did you know that learning another language can help improve and learn things that you didn’t know about your own language? Particularly within the English language, every generation still seems to get pulled under the mat with silent letters, unknown rules and complex grammar. Engaging with a new language, allows you to reflect on the differences between two languages and reconnect with your own.

7. Increase self confidence
Learning another language can conjure up feelings of anxiety and uncertainty, however persistence is the key to overcoming your fears and discomfort. In order to be successful in another language, you must remain results driven and remember that it does not happen overnight. Conforming to these principles, will ensure that you learn organically. The key confidence to boosting yourself confidence within learning another language is to value the results that you intend.

8. Prevention of Alzheimer’s and Dementia
Extensive research from Neuroscientists, has made connections between the brain activity of those who learn another language and those who are bilingual. Results have suggested a better functionality between those who possess another language.

9. You can pass your skills on
Gaining a second language fluently, means that overtime you will not only be able to invite a larger audience of people into your life, but you will also be able to “pass on the torch”.
Experience something outside your comfort zone.

10. Personal enjoyment.

You could find much enjoyment in the learning aspect of dipping your toes in another language, but with persistence and dedication it always pays off.

Overall learning another language is anything but a vanilla experience and no two stories are the same. An experience such as this if conducted thoroughly, is something you can take through your whole life and pass onto others who wish to learn.Would you like to find out more about your Language course options? Enquire with International House London today.

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