At International House London the welfare of our students and staff is always our top priority and we would like to update you about some of the measures that we have taken in our school and some of the measures being taken internationally in response to the recent Coronavirus outbreak in China.
The World Health Organisation (WHO) has declared the Coronavirus to be an international public health emergency. There has been an announcement today that the first two cases of the virus have been diagnosed in the UK. It should be stressed that this is a very low level of transmission and the individuals concerned are receiving a very high level of treatment.
The National Health Service (NHS) reports that it is very well prepared for any potential outbreak and that effective procedures are in place to prevent onward spread. It has also been announced that UK airports are exercising an “enhanced monitoring” package for all flights from China to the UK at London Heathrow.

China is taking the outbreak very seriously and The China Travel Service Association (CTSA) has announced the suspension of business travel, group tours and package trips for the present time. In line with the latest guidance from the UK’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office, our staff have halted plans to travel to the affected areas until further notice.
We are also aware that a number of major airlines have suspended routes into and out of China and we are reaching out to individual students affected by these restrictions to help them to reschedule their language programmes.

The school has also issued a series of statements and guidelines to our staff, students and partners providing them with further information about what is known about the virus, including symptoms, how it spreads and how to minimise the threat of contagion. We are stressing the importance of good basic hygiene and are fitting dispensers with anti-bacterial gel.
For further information about the Coronavirus please check the following websites

Public Health England and World Health Organisation.
We will in the meantime keep our students and staff updated as best we can.

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